Glasses With Bangs: What Is The Best Matching

What Is The Best Matching

We all know and love how the right pair glasses can make any face—and indeed, any dressing—look stunning. Then we have bangs, every fashionista’s secret weapon to switch a face from appealing to absolutely irresistible.

But, what about a combo of these two? While there may be a few skepticism about pairing these two, we’re here to tell you that with the right combination, bangs with glasses are absolutely fantastic. These two can give your face a whole new outlook, and you’re going to love it. Read on as we explore some popular combinations of bangs and eyeglasses. 

Does wearing glasses look good if you have bangs?

Of course they do! Bangs are a chic and trendy hairstyle that complements eyeglasses spectacularly. Sometimes, eyeglasses can make your face look small, but bangs frames your face in a way that complements the effects of the glasses. Don’t forget that both eyeglasses and hairdos are forms of expressing your fashion personality. And as with every other aspects of fashion, you just need to find the combo that suits you perfectly.

In addition to framing your face beautifully and highlighting the eye-catching features, they can also help conceal those facial features you’re not so pumped about. In all, your glasses can upgrade the way your hairstyle looks completely.

How to choose glasses that fit bangs

The most important things to consider when choosing glasses that matches your bangs are the shape and lines of your face. Once you’ve figured these out, it becomes easy to choose bangs with glasses that suit your face. As a general rule, if you have a diamond or oval face, and you wear large glasses, opt for short bangs. Also, long bangs work great with angular frames because the corners can help keep the bangs in place, so they don’t get in the way. Finally, short bangs that end on your forehead are better with round eyeglasses or aviator glasses, especially if you have a heart-shaped face. 

8 bangs that go great with glasses!

Blunt bangs

Let’s kick things off with the blunt bangs. This is one of the classic styles of hair bangs, and if you search for bangs on Pinterest, most of the pictures you’ll see are probably going to be blunt bangs. Blunt bangs have a sharp cut that makes a sharp line on your forehead, with the hair falling to your eyebrows. The cut is fluid and has no feathering. One advantage of this style is that it makes your forehead appear wider, which is good if you have a long forehead. However, this style won’t suit you if you have a broad face.

Another advantage of blunt bangs is they work well with almost any hairstyle—ponytails, long hairstyles, shorter styles, or half-up styles. When choosing glasses to match this style, go for eyewear frames with flat or straight tops. They could also have thicker rims or rounded corners. This will ensure your eyes are the focus of all attention while complementing your bangs’ structure. You can also opt for glasses with cat-eye frames.

Best suited for

  • Triangle, square, and oval face shapes; faces with a longer chin or larger forehead 
  • thick and Straight hair.
  • Most suitable glasses: Frames with flat or straight tops, and thicker rims or rounded corners. Cat-eye frames.

    Blunt bangs

    Micro or Baby Bangs

    If you have an adventurous spirit, then micro bangs are for you. This style threads that fine line between bold and playful. Unlike blunt bangs, micro bangs fall well above your brows. This highlights your brows and your eyes. While curtain bangs and blunt bangs are more suitable for people with longer foreheads, baby bangs are great if you have less space on your forehead. This is because this style “opens up” space between your hair and your forehead.

    This style isn’t for you if you have a wide forehead, a square jaw, or a long face generally, because it’ll only make these features more pronounced. Micro bangs combine well with any hairstyle that gives an edgy French vibe. So, long, messy hairdo, or a short sleek bob. When combining micro bangs with glasses, opt for stunning frames that complement the quirky hairstyles, like cat-eye glasses or vintage round frames.

    Best suited for

  • Oval face shapes; shorter foreheads
  • Thick or thin straight hair
  • Most suitable glasses: cat-eye glasses, Vintage round frames

    Micro or Baby Bangs

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/858287641469167540/

    Long Bangs

    Next, we have long bangs, which usually reach well below the brows, sometimes touching the top of your eyeglasses frame. You can get this look by simply growing out your bangs. Long bangs are for you if you have a round or diamond-shaped face. That’s because if you part them to the side, they make your face appear slimmer and longer.

    Long bangs work well with fine, short hairstyles like pixie cuts or straight long styles. But you must be careful to ensure your bangs aren’t so heavy they overwhelm your face’s delicate features. The best combo of long bangs with glasses is those with big, geometric frames, like rectangular glasses. This combo is perfect for diamond faces because it highlights your beautiful cheekbones. Classic cat-eye glasses work well too, because they have angles.

    Best suited for: 

  • Round, heart-shaped, oval, and diamond face shapes, 
  • Thin, finer short hair, or long hair.
  • Most suitable glasses: Geometric frames, oversized glasses

    Wispy Bangs

    Wispy Bangs

    This style of bangs is just perfect for you if—for any reason—you don’t want to have a full shock of hair on your face, but still want bangs on your face. Wispy bangs, or see-through bangs offer a subtle way to join the bangs bandwagon. Rather than having a mop of hair, wispy bangs have a very fine layer on the forehead, which creates a highly feminine appearance. What’s more, wispy bangs bring such beautiful softness to your facial features, and they don’t overwhelm your face’s delicate features.

    When combining your wispy bangs with glasses, opt for thin frames with rounded corners, like Korean glasses. They also work well with round glasses. Wispy bangs are perfect for fine-featured faces, and oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.

    Best suited for: 

  • fine hair, thin hair, 
  • Oval, square, or heart-shaped faces; Fine-featured faces.
  • Most suitable glasses: Thin frames with rounded corners, Korean glasses, round glasses

    Curtain Bangs

    Now to a style that offers you a low-maintenance option, yet looks stunning. Curtain bangs bring back the 70s vibe, with its parting in the middle, which gives it the appearance of a pair of curtains—hence the name. Curtain bangs are often long, and they drape past your temples, and into the rest of your long hair. You can, however, have them shorter, with layers that make them frame your face.

    One major appeal of curtain bangs is how they look good on every face shape, but they’re especially flattering on people with longer faces. This style is also perfect for you if you have thin hair because it adds more texture to your hair and makes it appear fuller. If your bangs are long enough, you can even tuck them behind your ears. Curtain bangs go well with oversized frames, which is good since large glasses are the current fashion rave.

    Best suited for: 

  • Thin hair. Can either be slightly wavy or straight. 
  • Longer faces; Triangle and diamond face shapes.
  • Most suitable glasses: Oversized frames, or rectangular or round glasses. They’ll provide contrast to the lines of your bangs.

    Curtain Bangs

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/680113981237087358/

    Choppy textured bangs

    Who says bangs have to be cut evenly? We present to you the choppy bangs, with their uneven cut that creates a unique texture. This style is for those who love being unique, and it reflects how you don’t enjoy following the norm. Sometimes, the uneven bangs are cut shorter at the middle than at the sides. Choppy textured bangs are perfect for those with wide foreheads, as their uneven appearance draws attention away from the forehead.

    This style is more suitable if you have thicker hair strands, or your hair is slightly wavy or curly. However, if you have straighter, thinner hair strands, you can still rock the style. You would just need a few hair-texturing products. Choppy bangs go really well with a shag cut or short pixie. When combining choppy textured bangs with glasses, large square or slightly rounded glasses.

    Best suited for: 

      • Thick and long hair; slightly wavy hair 
    • round, square, or heart face shapes.

    Most suitable glasses: Square sunglasses or slightly rounded frames

    Choppy textured bangs

    Curly Bangs

    The beautiful thing about bangs is anyone can choose to have one, irrespective of your hair length, thickness, wave, or curl. Curly bangs are for every beautiful woman who is blessed with naturally curly hair. These bangs offer you an interesting way to give your appearance a different vibe. They add a “fun” allure to your appearance and bring some texture to your hairstyle. 

    If you decide to add bangs to your curly hair, consider cutting them slightly longer than your desired length. This is because curly hair tends to pull up as they dry. A better way might be for your stylist to wait until your hair is dry before she styles it into the perfect bangs. You will also need a lot of conditioner, and curl cream while styling the bangs at home subsequently. The best combo of curly bangs with glasses are those with round or oval frames.

    Best suited for: 

  • Naturally curly hair; 
  • oval and angular face shapes
  • Most suitable glasses:  Oval or round glasses

    Curly Bangs

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/72339137754335985/

    Side-Swept Bangs

    Finally, we have side-swept bangs, the asymmetrical variety of curtain bangs. This bangs also have a parting, but this time, it’s a side part, rather than a center part. The result is one side has more hair than the other. Side-swept bangs are perfect for round faces because it creates an illusion of a slimmer face, by making it appear longer. It also complements your cheekbones beautifully. These bangs are also suitable for up-swept hair, and is very flattering for mature ladies. 

    When you combine this bangs with glasses like geometric frames, it gives your face the right silhouettes. Cat-eye frames are also perfect for these bangs. You can also opt for this combo if you have a diamond face shape.

    Best suited for: 

  • Diamond and round face shapes
  • Thin hair.
  • Most suitable glasses: cat-eye frames or geometric frames to complement the asymmetrical style

    Side-Swept Bangs

    Bangs Hairstyles for Over 50 With Glasses

    Midi Cut

    Midi Cut:The midi cut is a timeless and versatile option for women over 50 who want a stylish and manageable hairstyle. With the addition of bangs, this look becomes even more chic. The mid-length cut offers a balance between short and long, making it easy to maintain while providing enough length for various styling options. Paired with glasses, the midi cut can enhance facial features and add a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance.

    Layered Medium

    Layered Medium: Layered medium hairstyles with bangs are perfect for adding volume and movement to your hair. This style works well for women over 50 who want a youthful and dynamic look. The layers add texture and body, while the bangs frame the face beautifully. When combined with glasses, the layered medium hairstyle can create a harmonious and balanced aesthetic, highlighting both the hairstyle and eyewear.


    Combed-Over BobCombed-Over Bob: The combed-over bob is a modern twist on the classic bob hairstyle. This chic and contemporary option is perfect for women over 50 who desire a stylish and low-maintenance look. Adding bangs to a bob hairstyle softens the overall appearance and brings attention to the eyes. When paired with glasses, the combed-over bob creates a polished and sophisticated vibe that is both trendy and age-appropriate.


    UndercutUndercut: For those looking for a bold and edgy option, the undercut with bangs is a fantastic choice. While undercuts are often associated with younger individuals, they can be adapted to suit the preferences of women over 50. The undercut adds an element of modern flair, and when combined with bangs, it creates a unique and stylish look. This hairstyle is an excellent way to express individuality and confidence, especially when complemented by the right pair of glasses.


    Combining bangs with eyeglasses requires an artful touch, but it’s not so difficult that you can’t figure it out. From the classic allure of blunt bangs to the playful charm of micro bangs, each style has its own unique dance with eyeglasses. The key to choosing which combination is best for you lay in choosing glasses that harmonize with your face shape and hairstyle. With the right pairing, glasses and bangs become a powerful expression of your individual style, enhancing your face with a touch of fashion finesse.

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