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The professional design team combines performance and technical sunglasses and prescription glasses into categories, whether at work or in life, Dollger is willing to accompany you on the road to pursue self-improvement, stay in good condition anytime and anywhere, and can meet your needs.


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The Secret Behind Ryan Reynolds Glasses

The Secret Behind Ryan Reynolds Glasses

When it comes to fashion, Ryan Reynolds glasses are the most striking element in the fashion industry. There are photographs of him in a variety of browline, aviator, and trapezoid glasses. He wear...

sunglassesTom Cruise Sunglasses: Achieve Maverick Iconic Look With Aviators

Tom Cruise Sunglasses: Achieve Maverick Iconic Look With Aviators

Tom Cruise Sunglasses in Top Gun: Maverick took the world by storm. With his main character's energy, leather jacket, and bomber helmet, this favorite pilot jumped straight into the hearts of fans....

eyeglassesThrowback to Glasses from the 80's: The Latest Modern Trend

Throwback to Glasses from the 80's: The Latest Modern Trend

Do you know 80s fashion is coming back, and it's super cool? We are talking about chunky blazers, colorful turtlenecks, and mom jeans. From round glasses to wayfarers, they're all the rage right no...

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Made with care

ln our workshop, each pair of sunglasses goes through dozens of processes.
countless manual steps, and is created with deep passion and patience. We
pursue not only fashion and functionality but also a unique craftsmanship that
blends art and science.

From the Initial Design

lt all begins with the designer's inspiration. Every curve, every lens, every
detail is the result of careful planning and thoughtful consideration. We
understand that design is the soul of sunglasses, so we aim for uniqueness
style, and versatility for various activities.

The Choice of Materials

We select not just materials but trusted quality. We handpick high-quality
materials to ensure comfort, durability, and safety of the sunglasses. Each lens
undergoes special treatment to provide exceptional clarity and UV protection.


Under the skilled hands of craftsmen, sunglasses take shape. From shaping
the frames to assembling the lenses, every step requires masterful
craftsmanship and meticulous inspection. They are the true heroes behind our
products, breathing life into each pair of sunglasses.

Quality Inspection

Every pair of sunglasses undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure they
meet our high standards. Only those that pass stringent tests and scrutiny
become our prideful products.

Presented to You

So, when you wear our sunglasses, you are not just choosing fashion and
functionality; you are choosing a craft, a spirit. This is made with care.
dedicated to your beauty and confidence.