Dollger Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses

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Color: Blue and Gold
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These lovely Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses have been crafted by Dollger with great care and attention to detail. They offer clear, glare-free vision and 100% UV protection, so you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish look while keeping your eyes safe. The gradient lenses give these sunglasses a stylish and modern look, so they're perfect for any occasion! Keep your eyes safe and look great with Dollger.

Lens width:53mm
Frame height:53mm
Bridge width:16mm

Dollger Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses - MyDollger


Heart-Shaped Sunglasses are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality! Their unique, lightweight yet strong frame is sure to make you feel confident and stylish. Every curve and edge has been lovingly crafted to give you a modern look that will make you feel confident in any situation.

Dollger Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses - MyDollger


This lovely pair of glasses is made of lightweight and durable metal, and it's been precision polished and coated to protect the lenses and provide a stylish look. The frame is designed with your comfort in mind, so it's sure to fit you like a glove!

Dollger Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses - MyDollger


We've designed the metal temples with a humanised anti-slip design to make sure your mirror stays put.

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Perfect forIdealbright, full-sun conditions. Recommended for hiking, fly-fishing.trail-running & mountain biking.Filters out 80% of light.




Made with care

In our workshop, each pair of sunglasses goes through dozens of processes, countless manual steps, and is created with deep passion and patience. We pursue not only fashion and functionality but also a unique craftsmanship that blends art and science.

From the Initial Design

It all begins with the designer's inspiration. Every curve, every lens, every detail is the result of careful planning and thoughtful consideration. We understand that design is the soul of sunglasses, so we aim for uniqueness, style, and versatility for various activities.

The Choice of Materials

We select not just materials but trusted quality. We handpick high-quality materials to ensure comfort, durability, and safety of the sunglasses. Each lens undergoes special treatment to provide exceptional clarity and UV protection.


Under the skilled hands of craftsmen, sunglasses take shape. From shaping the frames to assembling the lenses, every step requires masterful craftsmanship and meticulous inspection. They are the true heroes behind our products, breathing life into each pair of sunglasses.

Quality Inspection

Every pair of sunglasses undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet our high standards. Only those that pass stringent tests and scrutiny become our prideful products.

Presented to You

So, when you wear our sunglasses, you are not just choosing fashion and functionality; you are choosing a craft, a spirit. This is made with care, dedicated to your beauty and confidence.