What Does My Left Eye Twitching Spiritual mean?

What Does My Left Eye Twitching Spiritual mean

We’ve all had that at one time or another – your eye suddenly acts up and starts to repetitively twitch in the most random moments. A harmless bodily reaction? Hardly.   

Since the eyes are the windows to your soul, any abnormal movement in the eye might be a sign that something is up in your life. But before you freak out, not all eye twitches mean you’ll be releasing tears soon – keep reading for the breathtaking details.  

What Exactly Is Eye Twitching?

The fancy term for an eye twitching is Myokymia and it’s very similar to having any other muscle twitch in your body. Although this commonly affects the lower eyelid, this scarily sudden movement can also occur in the lower eyelid.

Basically, somehow, the nerve that controls the eyelid's muscle becomes too ‘excited’ and that causes it to flutter and twitch away. This involuntary and repetitive twitching can appear out of nowhere and it can last for a few seconds, minutes,  days, or even months (yikes!)

Surprising Spiritual Meanings of Eye Twitching 

Eye twitches aren’t just a physical reaction – they’re also often associated with the mysterious metaphysical realm. According to the old popular belief, eye twitching is linked to good luck, bad luck, evil, hypnosis, mystical forces, and more.

Generally speaking, If your right eye has been twitching lately, it’s a sign that you have a bright future ahead of you.  On a negative note, left-eye twitching often indicates that there are going to be bumps in the road. 

Cultural Lens: Different Interpretations Of Eye Twitching 

An impending disaster or a spiritual gift? Well…

There’s no single definitive answer to this question as it can significantly vary depending on the individual and their own cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

Since the beginning of time, people all across the world have tried to find the hidden meanings behind eye twitching, and whether you’ll have good or bad luck mainly depends on your culture, gender, and the specific part that twitches in your eye. 

However, there seem to be some key meanings that most cultures agree upon. Here's the lowdown on the interpretations of eye twitching, according to each culture:

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Pharos spared no effort in trying to make some sense of eye twitching.

In ancient Egypt, the left eye was a symbol of all things evil, and twitching was for them an obvious clear sign of bad omen and unpleasant news. 

Quite the opposite, the right eye symbolized the Eye of Horus or the All-seeing Eye, thus right-eye fluttering was frequently associated with good fortune, health, and protection. 



A deadly disaster, a big loss, or mourning, are among the horrible events expected to occur in the life of a Cameroonian or Nigerian woman whose left eye jumps. 

On a more positive note, some African folklores hold the belief that left eye twitching indicates fresh starts in romantic life (your soulmate may be waiting for you just around the corner!

Other Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has taken involuntary eye-twitching very seriously on the spiritual level, believing that it was a sign of something more significant. 

Bad news and death in the family are among the meanings of right-eye twitching in Hawaii. But happiness, prosperity, and a fortunate life are coming to Indian women whose left eye twitches. Indian men, however, should hope for the best and prepare for the worst (oops!)   

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands

You have someone sweet to your face but sour behind your back if your right eye twitches in the Caribbean Islands. This person is shockingly close to you, and you’ll probably make matters worse by trying to pinpoint the source of gossip. 

Best advice? Bite the bullet, ignore it, but keep your eyes open. 

Left eye jumping, on the other hand, means there’s currently someone showering you with compliments in front of others or that you’re going to reunite with an unexpected person you haven’t talked to in a while – could they possibly be your ex?



The Chinese have quite an interesting interpretation of eye twitching for women specifically, which is, unlike other cultures, based on the exact time of the day your eye flutters. (wooh, punctuality really runs in their DNA!)

So, ladies, make sure to strap your hour and check what each left eye twitch means: 

  • 11 PM –1 AM: This is a great sign of how fortunate you are in your life (or will soon be). It can also mean there’s an impending visitor that might be surprisingly important.
  • 1 AM – 3 AM: A temporary yet concerning problem will occur out of the blue, and it will cause such a hassle in your life that everyone around you may ask ‘are you ok?’ 
  • 3 AM – 5 AM: Feeling unlovable? Left eye twitching in this exact time frame means that more people will try to get closer to you – let them do, get rid of the ‘villains’, and keep the kindhearted ones around. 
  • 5 AM – 7 AM: Someone special is about to pay you a visit! Although this person is geographically far from you, this won’t hold them back from going the extra mile to meet you. Careful though, you might notice that they seem nervous, sweaty, and shifty-eyed while talking to you, trying not to reveal a deep secret or a hidden motive.
  • 7 AM – 9 AM: Related to the previous point, this special visitor may have something extremely important to say. Watch out for any ill intent, although they may be bringing good news to you (fingers crossed!) 
  • 9 AM – 11 AM: Did you notice your left eye twitching in the morning? You better be hungry because according to Chinese superstition, this means you’ll be invited to a lively party or feast! 
  • 11 AM – 1 PM: Wait for a call and look out for an email – someone important will try to contact you and try to give a well-earned reward for your impressive work ethic and unwavering commitment to success (congrats in advance!)
  • 1 PM – 3 PM: Opportunities are for those who are prepared – this is your sign that you need to take any and every (good) opportunity that gets in your way. 
  • 3 PM – 5 PM: The future will deal a heavy blow to you on the financial level, especially if you have a habit of gambling. So, if your friends and family’s efforts to make you quit gambling haven't paid off, maybe this subtle left-eye twitch will do.
  • 5 PM – 7 PM: Do you miss your old bestie? Prepare for a tearful and heartwarming encounter because you’re about to see them.! But also be prepared to help them out as they may be in a difficult situation in life and are reaching out to you for assistance. Hard times reveal real friends, be one! 
  • 7 PM – 9 PM: A big argument will arise between you and someone very close – a friend, family member, or even your sweetheart. The aftermath will be even more devastating than the fight itself, and you’ll probably spend some time trying to pick up the pieces. But only after a few days, you’ll eventually get past it!
  • 9 PM – 11 PM: It’s family time! Tomorrow is never promised and today is short. Left eye twitching at this time of the day means your family will have a fun and cozy gathering soon. So make sure to make this day a memorable one. 

Spirituality Aside, 5 Medical Causes of Eye Twitching

According to Amanda D Henderson, M.D., what exactly causes eye twitching is still unknown. But while this abnormal blinking of the eyelid is still a topic of research, Henderson suggests that there are some factors to blame for it, these include: 

  • Stress.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Eye strain.
  • Irritated or dry eyes.
  • Certain drugs and medications like caffeine.

‘Anxiety Eye Twitching’ Is a Thing

Does your eye keep twitching? Anxiety may be the culprit. 

Although little anxiety is normal, this feeling of uneasiness, especially if it’s constant, can be so overwhelming for your eye muscle that it causes it to suddenly spasm. 

You’d know your eye twitching is due to excessive anxiety if it gets worse at night and then stops while you're sleeping. You might even notice that when anxiety hits, eye twitching follows after. 

Eye Twitching Prevention: 6 Tips for Taking Control

Because most of the time our lifestyle is what causes this annoying twitching, it is only natural that minor lifestyle tweaks can effectively prevent it in the first place, including: 

  • Managing stress and anxiety.
  • Sleeping earlier.
  • Practicing good sleep hygiene.
  • Decreasing caffeine intake.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption.
  • Avoiding tobacco smoking.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, eye twitching in one muscle, one eyelid, and one side of the face, is a fairly common bodily reaction that you can treat through lifestyle changes like improving sleep, treating eye strain and dryness, stress relaxation techniques, and decreasing caffeine intake. There isn't anything to worry about and it will usually go away without any medical intervention.

But hold on, this is ONLY scientifically speaking… 


On a spiritual level, eye twitching is considered an important message from the universe to either bring you good news, warn you of impending events, or just give you subtle hints to guide you along the bumpy road of life. 

So the next time you experience some sudden jumping in your eye, take a moment to reflect on what it could mean for you and see what you can do next. 

Eyes don’t lie? Naturally! 

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