What Type Of Sunglasses Are Best For A Diamond Face Shape 2023?

Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shape

Diamond shaped faces generally have a narrow jawline or forehead. A diamond shaped face will have a narrow forehead and jawline with the widest area being the cheekbones.

What Type of Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shape?

When choosing a pair of sunglasses perfect for a diamond shaped face the goal is to enhance your cheekbones. Both oval and tiny cat-eye sunglasses are ideal since their gentler curve will match with the natural high points of the diamond shaped face. Aviators, small round sunglasses are also a great choice.

Three  Frames for Diamond Shape Face

#1 Tiny Oval Frames 

Pro tip: Remember balance, small frames will look great.

oval sunglasses for a diamond face shape

#2 Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators go great on just about every face but especially when it comes to diamond face shapes. Below is one of our favorite aviators styles that work well on this particular face shape.

Aviators for diamond face shape

#3 Round Sunglasses

Round frames are very stylish and iconic. They do a great job of balancing out a diamond face shape. Below is an example of a pair of round sunnies that will look great on a diamond face shape.

round sunglasses for diamond face shape


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A diamond shaped face is a unique and beautiful feature that can be enhanced by choosing the right sunglasses. Whether you prefer tiny oval frames, aviator sunglasses, or round sunglasses, you can find a pair that suits your style and personality at Dollger. Dollger offers a wide range of sunglasses for diamond face shapes, from classic to trendy, at affordable prices. Visit our online store today and discover the perfect sunglasses for your diamond face shape.

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