The Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses

The Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses - MyDollger

Aging can get quite exhausting because for most people, their hair starts to grow weak or fall off, and they often require glasses for better vision. There’s a misconception that eyeglasses make people look older or much different, so some women are afraid to use them. 

While glasses won’t alter your face, they can change the way you look. Celebrities like Meryln Steep, Sally Jessy Raphael, Tina Fey, and Whoopi Goldberg have been renowned for their investment in spectacles instead of contact lenses. These women who’ve crossed the golden age prove that women with glasses can be just as fashionable. 

Who’s to say that you cannot be a woman over 50 with glasses and stylish? It begins with matching your hairstyle with your face. Regardless of age, you can always find the right haircut and spectacles that give you a modern and feminine look. 

Here we will discuss how to match your hair color with the right frames. You’ll also learn the best short hairstyles for women over 50 to pair with your eyeglasses. When you’re done trying these ideas, you’ll realize that even the most underrated tweaks to your hair can soften your appearance in your maturing years. 

What hairstyles are great with glasses?

Most latest glass users want to know how to wear their hair with glasses. Fortunately, there’s no definite route to these things, which means you can always experiment with new ideas. If you already feel confident in your hairstyle, you don’t have to change it to suit your eyewear. Instead, consider selecting frames that elevate your existing haircut.

But if you’re up for a new hairstyle that slides in perfectly with your glasses, you should consider both your face shape and selected frames. Not to worry! It’s an experiment so you should be open to trying new haircuts until you find something you really love. 

On a universal scale, the best hairstyles that team perfectly with glasses are short hair. Bob haircuts, pixie haircuts, and haircuts with bangs. Whichever you select, it’s easy to find the right haircut that balances your hair texture and facial features. 

Short hair is also great due to low maintenance required. Having a head full of hair can look classy until it's time to get ready in the morning. With short hairstyles, you can simply get up and go. Older hair is also rougher and susceptible to breakage, hair growth is slower as we age. It’s easier to keep healthier hair when you don’t have a cloud to deal with. If you’re eager to keep hair out of your face, a short hairdo will fit better. You might not need a hairbrush to keep your hair in style all day. Short hair creates a classic look that’s bound to attract attention for the right reasons. 

But if you plan to wear short hair with glasses, you should definitely think of the size, shape, and color of your frames, as well as the color, texture, and length of your hair. This will help your stylist decide the options you should be looking into.

15 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses

Speaking of options, we’ve curated top hairstyles across bangs, bobs, and pixie cuts for you to recreate at any time, and pair with some of our popular frames. These universally flattering short haircuts will add the needed color to your face and frames, and you can start to ease into your golden skin.

Curly bangs

Pairing curly bangs with tortoise eyeglasses has its way of presenting you as an intelligent, confident woman. We recommend this look for women who work in academia and just want to throw their hair into a bun each morning. You can choose crystal clear or faintly colored eyeglasses to complement your curly bangs. The good news is that both never clashes against any color accessory you have on. 

Layered curtain bangs

This haircut is ideal for women who aren’t ready for a 360-transformation, but still desire a new look. Curtain bangs can be worn in long, short or wavy forms and each one elevates your look. Teaming them up with large round or oval eyeglasses adds an inch of sophistication to your look. Layered curtain bangs is a fashionable hairstyle you can wear for both serious and leisurely occasions, keeping you trendy. 

Side swept bangs

Side swept bangs are a perfect way to launch your short hair regime, or update your appearance. Parting your hair on the side of your head works great for both young and older women who use glasses, because it visually evens out the width of your frame. The best pair we recommend alongside these bangs is usually colorful cat-eye frames. Colored eyeglasses against white or grey side swept bangs will surely evoke a feisty and elegant glare. 

Blunt bangs

Sometimes, bangs may feel a little high-maintenance or harder to keep in shape. If you want a more sustainable bang haircut that still looks flattering on women over 50, you should check out blunt bangs. Merely looking at this straight haircut, it’s easy to see that they go well with round eyeglasses, a popular frame choice for older women. Anyone looking to make a bold statement can opt for a colorful blunt bang and darker rounded frames. 

Angled bob

Many women over 50 are spotting this effortless hairstyle, as it helps to achieve a youthful appearance without much work. It feels fuller on the face, and only creates a slimming silhouette that blends easily with any eyeglasses frame. We strongly recommend bold thick glasses frames for this one. The natural-looking golden-blonde or grey of your hair will make your complexion pop. 

Wavy short bob

A wavy short bob is an all time’s classic for older women. Women who want to keep a fresh and modern look should pair a wavy short bob with Browline Eyeglasses. It resonates best with thick hair of any color, a low-maintenance bob that leaves you effortlessly stylish. Wavy short bobs make you look your age without feeling any older - you totally get it.

Feathered bob with bangs

Once in a while, every 50+ woman should get a feathered bob with bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for people with a thinning hairline with much lighter color, which is a common experience with older women. You can brush the feathered bangs forward to diversify the offerings of this hairstyle. 

Textured bob

Cut your long straight hair into a stylish bob with a casual side parting. This undefined parting leaves room for extra volume at the top, or crown highlights. A well-cut textured bob gives you a sense of tallness and femininity. You can pair with you regular rectangular frames and hide some hair behind your ears for more allure. 

Color bob

Since you’re already in for excitement, why not throw in some hair dye? It’s stylish and helps to keep the grey tucked in. You can get straight, curly, or wavy bobs after applying dye. It’s an ideal alternative for older women with cat eye glasses. The youthfulness it exudes gives off a sense of warmth and friendliness. 

Long Pixie

Pixie cuts have been trendy for centuries, and more older women rock this sleek hairstyle to retain their chic nature. Ellen Degeneres comes to mind at this point. It’s almost impossible to see a pixie haircut that’s not paired with eyeglasses. For long, easy-to-manage, pixie haircuts, you can complement with oval frames and even experiment with colors. Asides from products required to train the edges, and periodic trims, this hairstyle can keep you going for months. 

Sculpted Pixie

Here’s another stylish haircut that can help you make a statement in your later years. Use a hairdryer to achieve the volume at the crown of the hair, then style into place with a brush or wide-toothed comb. The hairstyle can also be paired with tortoise acetate glasses, completing the sophisticated look.

Funky Pixie 

Easily the classic grandma haircut, pixie hairstyles with long sides and a tapered nape snatched with a funky pair of rectangular eyeglasses. You can use a vibrant color that heightens your skin tone, and be daring with extra height and pizazz. 

Pixie Crop

The perfect way for women over 50 with really short hair to wear a pixie. Layering the pixie with asymmetrical bangs or a side fringe is another way to showcase your youthful spirit. The angled bangs will accentuate your delicate frames and vibrant cheekbones. 

Sweeping Pixie

If you’re a sucker for long hair, you should opt for a sweeping pixie cut. It’s low-maintenance and adds mystery to your personality as a woman over 50. Even young women enjoy sporting this fashionable hairstyle that’s both easy to keep, and fashionable for thin or thick hair. 


Short hair is a universally flattering choice for women over 50 with glasses. Selecting the right short hairstyle accentuates your graceful features, especially the eyes tucked behind frames. You should always consider your eye frames and hair color when selecting a new hairstyle to match your appearance. No matter how old you get, you should always feel comfortable and confident in your appearance. It begins with selecting the right frames for your eye game among other things.

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