Everything You Need to Know About American Psycho Glasses

Everything You Need to Know About American Psycho Glasses - MyDollger

Patrick Bateman wasn't confined to Gotham, once American Psycho was released. Patrick Bateman glasses surged into popularity and gained their share so soon. When people saw Bateman roaming through Gotham being a sadistic killer during the night. He lives a second life as a gruesome villain protagonist. The character played by Christian Bale oozes with masculinity. He is utterly muscular, confident, and successful.

Youth idolize this character. American Psycho glasses got real hype due to this reason. Now we will dig deep into this movie and character to find out what made it popular. We will also find glasses available at reasonable prices. These Patrick Bateman glasses will give you the American Psycho vibes. Feel yourself as the main character today by finding your ideal American Psycho glasses fit at Dollgers today!

What are American Psycho glasses?

Patrick Bateman wore American Psycho glasses. He wore the thin and rectangular rim-free glasses giving a sleek and modern touch. They look so vintage yet go all the way with modern outfits. The cinematic statement of this fashion icon is unbeatable. No other accessory has made actors perform so well on stage. It's Patrick Bateman glasses that render you a distinct thin appearance with contemporary designs. The metal rimless frames with matte finish are a narrative of modernity. They left a profound statement on Bateman's role when aired on screens.

What glasses does Patrick Bateman wear in American Psycho?

Bateman's glasses have a classy vibe. It would've been confusing to initially think how it would be possible for Patrick Bateman to fancy these minimalist and subtle glasses. But these rectangular black frames gave him a statement style. He's known and recognized with the titles ‘that masculine guys with rectangular’ His identity started giving off a unique essence when associated with a signature Patrick Bateman glasses. These metal glasses had a thin temple. They were so light on the face yet so heavy in essence. They intentionally gave an air of sophistication and mystery to the Bateman's intricate character.

Does Patrick Bateman wear sunglasses?

Yes, Patrick Bateman does. The glasses worn by Patrick Batman in the American Psycho movie were timeless. They were so thin yet capable enough to make a statement. They defied the laws of thick glasses allowing the wearer's to take centre stage. These minimal American Psycho glasses weren't just eyewear. The style of these glasses transcended fashion into unparalleled glamour. The rimless glasses provide a minimal and sublime effect of fashion. They neither look too simple nor too extravagant. The perfect balance strike of these glasses aligns with modern fashion sensibilities. Hence when you find a pair of Patrick Bateman glasses for yourself. Know that they will lead you to Patrick Bateman's Gotham. Where style meets functionality and cutting-edge coolness wins with comfort!

The Best Alternatives to Patrick Bateman glasses

People loved the metal American Psycho glasses. Gen-Z is after that subtle and elegant eyewear that adds a touch of aesthetic with functionality. These metal glasses not only provided relevant durability but the amount of charisma too. It was like I chose flamboyant over subtle frame. Forget the traditional eyewear and get your hands on one of these stylish statement pieces.

If you are worried about where to find these Patrick Bateman glasses with sheer elegance and sophistication. Dollger is waiting for you. With a wide variety of styles, preferences, colors, shapes, and sizes you get to choose the material of your own choice. See if acetate, titanium, stainless steel, or nylon suits you or not. Get your design as well as simple temples with accurate measurements of pupillary distance and face type at Dollgers. Here are the following alternatives for Patrick Bateman glasses:

1. Vintage Classic Round Glasses:

Product Name: Vintage Classic Round Glasses

Lens Type: Polarised Lenses

Frame Material: Magnesium

Weight: 20gm

Suitable For Face: Oval/Oblong/Square

The best frame material is no doubt magnesium. But what if Dollger breaks the good news of making its Patrick Bateman glasses with aluminum and magnesium alloy? These lightweight, non-itchy, and durable frames do not corrode. Unlike plastic or metal, it doesn't break or cause irritation. The versatile magnetic adsorption clips can easily be detached or attached. This provides easy attachment of the lens to the frame. This also allows interchangeable frames with different colors and styles of temple arms. Customize your American Psycho glasses and embrace new eyewear experiences resembling Christian Bale's character with Dollgers quality frames.

3. Dogller Classic Aviator Sunglasses:

Product Name: Dogller Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Lens Type: Polarised Lenses

Frame Material: Plastic/Stainless Steel

Weight: 20gm

Suitable For Face: Round/Oval/Oblong/Square

These exquisite brown, grey, silver, and black glasses are available at Dollger. They suit whatever your face type is. This timeless Patrick Bateman glasses frame looks masculine. Channeling your inner boost of elegance and sophistication through these aviator lenses wouldn't ever disappoint. They're perfect whether you're heading towards a party or an event. You can perform indoor exercises without putting strain on your eyes. The metal details, polarised lenses, and classic design of these frames bring you classic design. Let these lenses peer out and pose a unique image with their durable and reliable frames!

3. 3 In One Sunglasses:

Product Name: 3 In One Sunglasses

Lens Type: Polarised Lenses

Frame Material: Plastic/Stainless Steel

Weight: 25gm

Suitable For Face: Round/Oval

These 3-in sunglasses are distinct from all the other frames offered in the market. This frame isn't glossy or too much. The appropriate balance of metal with a matt finish surface looks high-key classic. These frames made of plastic and steel are specifically designed for men. These are so lightweight and comfortable. There's no corrosion for years ruining the essence of your new pair of sunglasses. UV protection and anti-glare properties of polarised lenses provide maximum protection to your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Bring these Patrick Bateman glasses with magnetic adsorption that easily attaches or detaches from the glasses. Visit Dollger today and buy your favorite American Psycho glasses with polarised lenses that improve visual quality and area of vision. Improve your outdoor activities with these glasses!


Patrick Bateman's glasses aren't just glasses. They aren't merely used for clearing your visuals. But they allow you to see the world through the lens of aesthetics. These American Psycho glasses are a style required for an unapologetically extravagant star life. And if you think these glasses are too old to suit you then hold on. Patrick Bateman glasses are the only ones that effortlessly bridge the gap between past and present. They have this power to withstand the vintage and modern styles. This is what makes them the epitome of timeless style. You can buy these timeless frames at Dollgers. The best part about Dollger is its variety, reliability, and money-back guarantee. The frames are classic, lightweight, and stylish as well as budget-friendly. 

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