Trendy metal frame glasses to wear in 2024

Trendy metal frame glasses to wear in 2024

Metal frame glasses have been on the trend for quite some years. Interestingly, they rarely go out of trend. Lucky for us, it doesn't look like it will go out of trend soon, not in 2024. This is because metal frame glasses have a lot of benefits attached to them. Unlike some others, there are a lot of benefits connected with metal frame glasses. They are not only functional and safe; they are also stylish. 

If you're wondering why there is so much hype around metal frame glasses or would love to learn extensively about the benefits of rocking metal frame glasses, then you're in the right place. You will also learn the health and style benefits of having metal frame glasses in your wardrobe. We cannot afford to see you miss out or go wrong in metal frame glasses when we are just around the corner. So, keep reading! 

Why metal frames glasses?

Why metal frames glasses

Metal frames rarely go off-trend, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Aside from being very stylish and matching any outfit, they also have some functional benefits that make it easier to wear and maintain. Let us consider why you should buy a pair of metal frame glasses. 


One of the foremost reasons you should get metal frame glasses is their durability, strength, and sturdiness. Metal frames are designed with metals, allowing these glasses to withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore, you can confidently pick up your glasses during accidental drops and bumps, knowing fully that your metal glasses are safe. Hence, you can be sure your metal glasses are reliable and will last long despite your daily use.


Despite the strength and sturdiness of metal frame glasses, unbelievably, most of these metal frame glasses are designed with lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium. So you can feel comfortable wearing them, even for a long time, without feeling you are wearing something very heavy. Another benefit of these lightweight materials is that they help to prevent discomfort and fatigue by reducing the pressure you feel on your nose and ears while wearing them. 

Sleek and Stylish

Metal frames usually have a modern, elegant, sleek design that makes them stylish. They are generally not heavy and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your appearance. You can also get them in unique designs and decorative styles. Hence, you can choose the one that will perfectly complement your look and suit your preference. 

Hypoallergenic Options

If you have sensitive skin or an allergic reaction, we highly recommend you opt for metal-frame glasses. This is because metal frame glasses are less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. Metal frame glasses are designed from hypoallergenic materials like stainless steel, titanium, etc.; hence, it makes it comfortable to wear your glasses daily. 

Variety of Colors

Metal frames are not only available in different flashy and neutral colors but also in solid colors. You can get them in gold, silver, bronze, and aluminum. Also, you can get in classic shades like black, brown, green, grey, etc. This wide selection lets you express your style and find frames and glasses that suit your preferences. 


One main reason metal frames are still in trend is that they can maintain their appearance over time. Metal frames can resist warping and discoloration. This means that they continue to look good even after years of use. Thier longevity allows you to enjoy your investment in metal frame glasses. This investment pays off over time, both in function and fashion.

These are some reasons we highly recommend metal frame glasses for all fashion lovers. But what about plastic frame glasses? Let's discuss that in the next section. 

Metal frame vs plastic frame


Metal frame vs plastic frame

One common argument when getting glasses has also centered on the best type of frame for your glasses- metal or plastic. Plastic frame glasses are good, but here are some reasons to consider using metal frames. 

Enhanced Nose Pads

Metal frames are usually built with adjustable nose pads that can be fine-tuned for a more comfortable fit, unlike Plastic frames that have molded nose pads. They rarely offer the same level of adjustment. This can lead to less comfort while wearing these plastic eyeglasses.


In our day-to-day activities, we must learn how to reduce waste and support sustainable practices in every possible way. Metal frames make this possible compared to plastic. This is because metal frames are an eco-friendly choice as they are recyclable. Some plastic can be recycled, but not all of them. Most plastic cannot be recycled because they aren't easily recyclable. This environmental consideration is an added benefit of opting for metal frames.

Thin Profile design 

If you are not a fan of bulky frames, metal frames will be your go-to glasses. This is because metal frames are designed with elegantly thin profiles. This doesn't reduce the strength of the frame in any way. Thier thin design makes it less noticeable on your face and looks more aesthetically pleasing.


Metal frames also allow you to adjust your glasses to fit your face. This might not be achievable with plastic frame eyeglasses. This is most important for folks who would love to give their frames to an optician to get a prescribed lens for health purposes. However, it is not limited to health purposes only. To look stylish, adjusting your frames to fit your eyes is also very important. Eye doctors can easily bend the metal to customize the fit on your face to allow the glasses to sit securely and comfortably. This will help you avoid any issue of the glasses causing pressure points or slipping down your nose.

Indeed, Here are just a few reasons some eye doctors would prescribe metal frames as compared to plastic frames glasses. 

Best metal frame glasses

Best metal frame glasses

You can hardly go wrong with metal frame glasses from our Dollger eyeglasses collection. Here are some recommendations for you if you are confused about where to start. 

Rimless Square Metal Frame Eyeglasses

This Semi-rimless metal Eyeglass is all you need to look simple yet classy and sophisticated. These metal-frame eyeglasses are the perfect fashion accessory to up your fashion game. One glass to try out is this Dollger Semi-Rimless Metal Eyeglasses to get this effect. You can never get enough of the semi-rimless metal eyeglasses because they can go with any outfit you choose. Whether you choose to appear formal, semi-formal, or casual, they will always look good and presentable. Since they are square-shaped, they will go well with any type of face shape. However, we highly recommend it for people with pronounced oval or circle face shapes. They are also a healthy choice because they are polarized and can protect against the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Vintage Squared-Aviator Metal  Frame Eyeglasses

Vintage Squared-Aviator metal frame Eyeglasses are your best bet if you would like to add a vintage touch to your look. The beautiful thing is that with metal frame glasses, no matter how retro you want to look, the glasses will always help you add a modern touch to your look. We highly recommend these Dollger Vintage Squared-Aviator metal frame Eyeglasses to keep your outfit sophisticated and your eyes healthy. They are polarized to help you protect your eyes from glare from the sun and other reflective surfaces. This will also prevent your eyes from any eye strain or pain. Also, they will protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Oversized Metal Frame Eyeglasses

What other way to look classy and boogie, if not with an oversized metal frame of eyeglasses? If you are looking for eyeglasses that also double up as sunglasses, you must have these oversized metal frame Eyeglasses in your wardrobe. These eyeglasses are not just built to make you look stylish; they are also designed to protect you while you are in the sun. If you would love metal frame Eyeglasses like this, this Dollger oversized metal frame Eyeglasses would be your best bet. It is no news that the sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays that can affect your eyes. Getting an oversized metal frame will help protect your eyes from the effects of the rays of the sun. Now, you can Stay classy and elegant while consciously trying to keep your eyes protected inside the sun. 

Cat-eye Metal Frame Glasses

Cat-eyes metal frame glasses are one of the most stylish. That's not all; they effortlessly look great in every face shape, especially if you have a round face. You can get these Dollger cat-eye metal frame glasses. You can dress down with them by pairing them with fashion accessories and outfits in neutral colors. But if you would love to dress up with them, you can pair them with flashy and bright colors of outfits and accessories. Either way, they still help you look your best; you can never go wrong with them. Dollger cat-eye metal frame glasses are polarized to protect your eyes from strain from the sun and other reflective surfaces. They also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. 


You're missing out on many fashion and health benefits if you do not have metal frame glasses in your closet. There are many metal frame glass recommendations, and choosing one can be overwhelming. If you feel this way, our recommendations above will clear all your doubts. So, just thoroughly go through the recommendations above to get metal frame glasses. You can never go wrong with them. With metal frame glasses in your fashion collection or outfit choice, you can afford to look good and elegant while keeping your eyes healthy and in check.

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