Lil Jon Without Glasses: A Glimpse into the Rapper's Personal Style

Lil Jon Without Glasses: A Glimpse into the Rapper's Personal Style

You must have probably heard about the globally recognized hip-hop star who rose to stardom, even though there is a possibility that he might be blind. Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about your favorite hip-hop star, Lil Jon. We've all heard different stories about Lil Jon, especially regarding his eye condition. You must have also read stories about why he always wears his sunglasses and why you will hardly see Lil Jon without glasses. But do you know that his life, family, career breakthrough, and style are interesting to learn about? Let's delve into them in a few seconds. You will also learn plenty of exciting facts about his sunglasses collection and why you will see Lil Jon without glasses. 

Who is Lil John? 

Who is Lil JohnImage Source:Complex

Lil Jon is a famous and globally recognized American rapper, DJ, songwriter, and record producer. Lil Jon is just his stage name. His real name is Jonathan H. Smith. He was Born on the 17th of January 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Jon became globally recognized for his work in the hip-hop subgenre crunk in the early 2000s. Surprisingly, credits go to him as a progenitor of the genre. Lil John is presently married to Nicole Smith. They married in 2004 and have two children, Nathan Smith and DJ Young Slade. 

Lil John is known for having a booming media career, but one piece of information most people don't know is that Lil Jon was born blind in one eye. Lil Jon lost sight in three left sides of his eye because of the congenital glaucoma condition he was born with. Despite multiple surgeries at a young age to regain back his sight, all was to no avail. He also almost completely lost his vision while he was still a little boy but ended up losing most of it during his adolescent years. 

The vision loss he experienced wasbecause of a medical condition he suffered from then. This medical condition is known as uveitis. This inflammatory eye disease affects his ability to write, read, or perform other activities with his eyes. The good news is that despite all of this, Jon's career has ever since experienced growth since it started in 1997. Talking about his growth and breakthrough, let's talk about his booming music career. 

Lil Jon’s Musical career and breakthrough

Lil Jon’s Musical career and breakthrough
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Lil Jon's breakthrough in his musical career started with the different hit songs in his debut album, which was released in the early 2000s. His main hit song was "Turn Down for What, " featuring DJ Snake. Some other of his hit songs include "Act a Fool," "Yeah!", "Get Low," “Snap Yo Fingers,” and "Let's Go." 

After his debut album, Lil Jon released over 14 other albums, including Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album (1997), and We Still Crunk!! (2000), Put Yo Hood Up (2001), Kings of Crunk (2002), and Crunk Juice (2004).

One exciting thing about Lil Jon is the association of his image with certain slangs. Jon is known for shouting some slangs like "OK!", "What?!" and "Yeah!". Surprisingly, these slangs has made him even more popular as different people have adopted them, and some have even used them commercially. This has become a common trend in America, especially among his fans and lovers. This trend became even more popular in the United States after he was featured on Season 2 of Chappelle's Show.

Lil Jon's breakthrough isn't limited only to music. Another of his breakthroughs is his acting and participation in reality shows. He has appeared on different TV shows, animated series, and commercials. Despite the limitations, he continued making moves in the media world. His beats and lyrics have been featured in many top movies, commercials, video games, and other media. 

Lil Jon's style of fashion

Lil Jon's style of fashion
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Talking about the life of Lil Jon without talking about his fashion sense and style of fashion is absolutely impossible. One thing that made Lil Jon a popular media personality aside from his music and talent is his signature fashion sense and style. 

His typical signature style includes dreadlocks, jerseys, and statement accessories like large chains, extravagant grills, hats, and, most importantly, sunglasses. Based on this, we can classify his fashion style as bold and flashy, with streetwear elements and luxurious vibes. 

His wardrobe is mainly made up of vibrant colors, especially neon hues. He also features elements of hip-hop culture in his fashion choices. Some of these elements include graphic tees, hoodies, and sneakers. We wouldn't forget to talk about his sporting hats. These include baseball caps or beanie hats, sometimes decorated with logos or slogans.

His fans buy fashion accessories and outfits he rocks just to look like him. Lil Jon has been in the media for over two decades. However, you will rarely find Lil Jon without glasses. Some people believe that he wears sunglasses because of the health conditions of his eyes, while other people believe that it is just to up his fashion game. However, no one can deny that his signature sunglasses enhance his fashion game and make him look stylish. Let's check out some of his sunglasses collection. 

Elements of Lil Jon's signature sunglasses

Elements of Lil Jon's signature sunglasses
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Lil Jon has faced us for over two decades with his sunglasses collection. It's not so hard to identify the elements of his signature sunglasses as you would find them in all his sunglasses. Here are the unique features you would see in Lil Jon's unique sunglasses. 

Oversized frame

One significant feature of Lil Jon's sunglasses is the large size of the frame of his sunglasses. This causes the sunglasses to cover a significant portion of his eyes while making him stand out. They are just exactly like this Dollger oversized frame sunglasses. Sunglasses like  Dollger sunglasses make one look bold, confident, and stylish. If you would love sunglasses that will help you achieve this type of Lil Jon look and style, we highly recommend these Dollger oversized frame sunglasses.

Colorful Frames or Lenses

You can never find regular sunglasses in Lil Jon's collection. His sunglasses are vibrant and bold colors, especially the frame or lenses. Aside from the visual aesthetics, these colorful elements add to his sunglasses. They also make him look different from traditional sunglasses. A typical example of this type of Lil Jon sunglasses is this Dollger brown-tinted lens or this nude-tinted frame sunglasses. With these  Dollger sunglasses, you only need baggy Jeans and a beanie hat to look exactly like Lil Jon.

Luxurious Designs and Intricate Patterns

One way to recognize signature sunglasses from Lil Jon is the presence of sophisticated and luxurious designs. This is why many believe they are more of a fashion statement than medical eyewear. These intricate patterns and designs will shape your fashion game from ordinary eyewear to statement fashion pieces. If you would love your sunglasses to add an extravagant taste and sophisticated vibe to your look, you need this type of Lil Jon sunglasses. We highly recommend these Dolger sunglasses to help you achieve this look. A bonus is that these sunglasses are polarized and can protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. So you get to look like Lil Jon while also protecting your eyes.

Decorated Lenses

If you don't find any intricate design on Lil Jon's sunglasses, you can be sure it would have an embellishment. Lil Jon's sunglasses usually feature decorated lenses, frames, bridges, or designs in any other parts of the sunglasses. These external designs usually included embellishments like spikes, studs, rhinestones, or beads. These decorative elements usually add a luxury vibe to these sunglasses, making them unique and attention-grabbing. 

Different unconventional Shapes

You would hardly find regularly shaped sunglasses on Lil Jon. His sunglasses usually range from classic aviators to more unconventional and avant-garde designs. An example is Dollger aviator sunglasses, which are available in different colors. This is a perfect way for Lil Jon to express his love for hip-hop and streetwear, as these sunglasses look amazing once paired with other fashion accessories.

Getting eyewear with all these elements shows that you incorporate Lil Jon's eyeglasses into your outfit. This will be your best if you want to look bold, colorful, and confident. 


The rise of Lil Jon to fame is a big motivation for everyone. It shows that no limitation can affect a mind that is made up to succeed. Seeing Lil Jon excel in his music and media career despite the conditions of his eyes has a lot of lessons for everyone. But that's not all; his sunglasses collection is one to recreate also, especially if you have a knack for sophistication and elegance. Little wonder Lil John rarely goes out without his sunglasses. His various sunglasses perfectly up his fashion game, and we are all in for it. 

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