Ride the Trend: Korean-style Eyeglasses are the HOTTEST Eyewear Trend to Love In 2024 (and Beyond!)

Korean-style Eyeglasses are the HOTTEST Eyewear Trend to Love In 2024

South Korea is home to globally influential pop culture, exceptional TV dramas, drool-worthy dishes, scenic natural attractions, technological prowess, and more.

But if there’s only one thing Korea is famous for, it’s setting global fashion trends by bringing unique styles to the world, which is particularly evident in the country’s fascinating eyewear scene. 

Korean-style eyeglasses are currently sweeping the international market for a reason – keep reading for a deeper insight into those spectacular spectacles that’ll survive into 2024 and beyond!    

What Does ‘Korean-style Eyeglasses’ Mean?

What Does ‘Korean-style Eyeglasses’ Mean


South Korea is at the forefront of fashion trends, and the eyewear industry is no exception. K-drama and K-pop content has been heavily consumed both inside and outside their country of origin, with all of those world-famous Korean celebrities bringing some serious styles to the table that CANNOT go unnoticed.   

The immense attention they receive for their awe-inspiring looks not only sets local fashion trends but also raises the global fashion bar high with their unique Korean aesthetic appeal. 

So, what exactly is ‘Korean-style’ sunglasses? They’re usually soft-looking glasses featuring metal frames and soft narrow rims that complement most face shapes. They also come in different stunning styles that cater to all tastes – from metal square frames to half-rim glasses, retro-round pairs, cat-eye styles, and much more! 

This versatility and inclusivity make Korean-style eyeglasses an excellent option for those into expressive fashion but still want to look in style. What’s more, Korean frame designs are extremely easy to incorporate into your look without stressing too much over face shapes since they’re usually extremely subtle, sleek, and simple!

Reasons Behind the Immense Popularity of Korean Specs

Reasons Behind the Immense Popularity of Korean Specs


Koreans also used to label eyeglasses as ‘unattractive’, but things have changed…  

When people started seeing their favorite protagonists confidently rocking eyeglasses on the big screen, as well as famous idols hitting airports in specs (initially to hide from the paparazzi), everyone with both poor and perfect eyesight rushed into getting similar (if not the same) pairs worn by these Korean celebs.

It wasn’t long before the ‘nerdy’ stigma surrounding wearing eyeglasses was broken, opening doors for a new era in Korea where finally eyeglasses are not just considered ‘normal’, but also a statement piece of accessory that screams ‘I’M STYLISH!’  

Do Korean Frame Designs Suit All Face Shapes? 

So, you’ve made up your mind to join the Korean eyeglasses craze and get yourself a pair? Smart decision, but before you do, it’s also smart to learn first whether the Korean-style frames actually suit and complement your face shape.

Otherwise, you could end up picking glasses that look rather awkward, feel uncomfortable, or even potentially mess up your vision altogether.

So, let’s see which face shapes are meant for the trendy Korean frames (fingers crossed!)    

Square-shaped Face

Great news if you’re someone who has more angles in your face shape: round, oval, and cat-eye Korean-style frames are all going to beautifully balance your facial features, soften its sharper angles, and give it that sought-after sculpted face look (no contouring needed!)

Oval-shaped Face

Those born with oval faces are in luck as they can pretty much nail any type of glasses, especially square and rectangular frames. So feel free to mix and match and try to find a Korean-style pair that’ll make people mistake you for their favorite idol!  

Diamond-shaped Face

Cat-eye glasses are the current hot trend in the Korean eyewear scene, take advantage of this craze and enhance your diamond-like features with one of those frames, which will help balance out your angular face shape by drawing more attention to the cheekbones. Plus they look super feminine compared to other frame types and also look steaming hot on a cute man’s face, so yeah!    

The Trend Is Spreading Like Wildfire, Ask the Celebrities! 

Eyeglasses are often spotted on Korean actors when trying to give the impression of an effortless, laid-back look or a smarter appearance while still looking stylish at the same time. For example, the rom-com ‘Business Proposal’ saw Kim Min-kyu impressing viewers with his stunning visuals as Cha Sung-hoon, who looked particularly smart and handsome in his role thanks to his sleek pair of specs. 

Moreover, in the rom-com hit ‘True Beauty’, Moon Ga-young (playing Lim Joo-kyung) was constantly seen in a pair of big, round glasses whenever she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Although the gorgeous actress didn’t quite see her own natural beauty in the series, all viewers can confirm that both of her two distinct sides were equally stunning: when she didn’t do much about her looks other than washing her face and wearing eyeglasses, and when she decided to go extra and do some ‘makeup magic’ to hide her bare (although cute) face.

Another instance where eyeglasses suddenly became the talk of the town is when BTS’s Jungook went viral on TikTok and social media platforms with his Weverse live, which featured the award-winning artist in a pair of superb eyeglasses that left admiring fans at a loss of words. ‘Please put your glasses back on,’ one viewer begged, after the Korean idol took off his frames as the live kicked off. 

Other famous Korean celebs did not shy away from embracing the cute nerdy look with a pair of trendy frames. These include Bae Suzy, Lee Joon-gi, Kim Seonho, Ji Chang-wook, Kim Se-jeong, Cha Eun-woo, Shin Mina, and many more! 

Top 3 Reasons To Catch Up with the Korean Glasses Trend! 

Top 3 Reasons To Catch Up with the Korean Glasses Trend!


Korean eyeglasses designs are the whole package when it comes to eyewear. Below are just three of the reasons these beauties need to be your next fashion purchase!

A Celebrity Approved Trend

Let’s face it, everyone would like to look like a famous, picture-perfect celebrity in one way or another, which (consciously or subconsciously) affects their fashion-related buying decisions to align with those who they take as a role model. 

Now, with Korean-style specs being one of the hottest fashion trends of the year, ‘normal people’ can blindly jump into this trend and see how they all of a sudden start to turn heads (better get used to it!)

Global Appeal

Born in South Korea, these frames have quickly gained massive popularity outside the country of origin thanks to K-drama hits and the K-pop craze. And you know what that means? You can confidently rock a pair of Korean-style specs ANYwhere in the world and still look in style!


Korean eyeglasses have really got something for everyone, coming in almost all styles, shapes, and colors that ensure everyone finds their perfect pair for their face shape and personal preference – no excuses!  

4 Popular Korean Eyeglasses Trends to Watch In 2024

Korean-style spectacles are here to stay, thanks to their versatile designs that go well with many face shapes and cater to different tastes, leaving absolutely NO room for boredom! 

Although there are tons of different types of Korean frame designs, there are four that particularly stand out as more stylish and are expected to grow more in popularity as the years go by.

Metal Square Eyeglasses

These are the most popular type donned by Korean celebs on screen, and it’s easy to see why! Metal square sunglasses, which usually come in gorgeous gold or sleek silver colors, are the perfect type of frames for those wishing to look smarter than they actually are (sorry!) while still giving off those cool and trendy vibes!

Half-rim Eyeglasses

Half-rim glasses (also. half-frame or semi-rim glasses) have been growing fast in popularity not just in the South Korean fashion scene but also all across the globe. And why not, these classy-looking specs have got it all – a lightweight design, versatility, clear field of view, and that unmistakable ‘hot nerd’ touch!

Retro Round Eyeglasses

Although wearing small and subtle eyeglasses was the norm in Korea, people started to get out of their comfort zone and embrace more statement eyewear like retro round glasses, with the black round frame being the go-to option and leopard-printed ones worn by more courageous individuals. You guessed it – celebrities!

Rectangular Cat-eye Eyeglasses

The iconic cat-eye style is no stranger to famous Korean celebs, particularly females. 

Although this frame design has been taken all over the world since its creation in the 1930s, it was only recently popularized as a feminine and sultry piece of accessory in Korea, especially among women looking to balance wide jawlines of square or triangle face shapes to reach the ‘ideal’ V-shaped face of the Korean beauty standards.

In a Nutshell

To sum it all up, Korean frames are your shortcut for looking like the trendiest person in the room. With their super-duper cool designs, backed by their worldwide fame as a celebrity-approved eyewear in South Korea, they can be rightfully called the biggest eyeglasses trend in 2023 that we’ll be also seeing in 2024! 

Why are you even still reading? Hurry up and start investing in a cute Korean-themed pair to catch up with the hot nerd trend! 

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