How To Choose Sunglasses If I Have A Oblong Face Shape?

How To Choose Sunglasses If I Have A Oblong Face Shape

Who doesn't want to keep it shady yet sassy? If you have an oblong face shape. And you're looking for glasses. Then yes, let us acknowledge you what's best. Selecting sunglasses for an oblong face shape is hard. You pick a narrow frame and end up making it look like a potato. You pick an oversized frame and it just doesn't fit. Let Dollger tell you what will fit on your charismatic oblong face shape without making it look like a misfit. What's more good than a functional pair elevating the overall charisma of your personality? Find out the best sunglasses by measuring your face, determining your face type, and then finding a perfect fit. Step into the world and find out your ideal pick today!

How to Determine an Oblong Face Shape?

How to Determine an Oblong Face Shape?


Oblong face shape is also called rectangle shape. An oblong face has a forehead with cheekbones, jawline of similar width. It creates a sleek and elongated appearance. It's nearly rectangular yet unique. Want to know whether yours is an oblong face shape or not? Find out

  1. Get your face measured from forehead to your chin including cheekbones. 
  2. If the length of all these exceed the width of your forehead, chin, and cheekbones. Then you have  an oblong face.

So now. If your face has a rounded chin, or high cheekbones. Or if your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead all have similar width, then yes you have an oblong face shape. An oblong face shape tends to create flattering looks with a variety of sunglasses. Besides, these soft features need an edge. The edge of your sunglasses rim enhances the overall features. The right balance between everything along with optimal protection is all you're looking for, right? Find out the perfect glasses that match the uniqueness of your oblong face shape below

What Are The 3 Best Sunglasses For Oblong Face Shape?

Rock the taller rims, rectangular lenses, and eye-catching shapes with all your outfits!

1. Square Frames:

Rectangular Frames


Square frames for an oblong face shape are a finesse frame of choice. These efficiently add width to your face without hurting the soft edges. The right proportion of elongation with wideness creates a balanced look. So a square frame that is neither too small or too big will do justice to your face. 

2. Oversized Frames:

Oversized Frames


Creating a visual equilibrium through an oval oversized frame is brilliant. These frames efficiently contour the lines and grant you style.

3. Cat-eye Frames:

Cat-eye Frames


Cat-eye frames bring an edge to your soft features. They sheepishly bridge the gap between your chin and forehead. This grants your oblong face shape a proportioned look. 

Should I Worry About My Oblong Face Shape?

Should I Worry About My Oblong Face Shape?


Go big, go bold. You know how lucky you're if you love shades and have an oblong face shape? People with oblong face shapes get the upper hand. You get to rock every look with elegance. The vibe of sunglasses on oblong face rhythm perfectly sits. Besides, your face is adorable with the appropriate widened and balanced features. 

1. Versatility In Hairstyles:

Oblong face shape holds it all. With this face shape, you enhance all the hairstyles. Whether you have pixie short, long waves, or bangs. Every hairstyle seems like it's for you solely. The backdrop of experimentation grants you the chance to have several looks. Which evokes a sense of variety and great diversity. Meet your friends often and show them how your oblong face shape holds it all!

2. Bold Sunglasses:

Who doesn't entertain the idea of bold glasses? Everyone likes to wear glasses that are so filled with charisma. The embellishment of temples. Its intricate styling and designing is what hooks attention. So its always a great idea to rock your face with a bold frame. Besides, these bold sunglasses also add a touch of glamour and fashion to your oblong face shape.

3. Accessories:

The more space means more room to fashion. Unlike small round faces that feel like too much even with a narrow frame. Oblong face shape bestows you with the charm of wearing whatsoever. You can wear as many accessories as you want. Look as cool as a Gen-z. Wear the earrings, necklace, or even nose ring you like. Add attention to these points highlighting and drawing attention to the sleek and subtle curves of your oblong face shape!

4. Detailed Make-up:

Your oblong face shape is your canvas. It's not canvas that holds the attention but the paintings. Intricate and detailed make-up looks very pretty and cool. Unlike small faces with no space for contouring or creating detailed eye-looks. Your oblong face shape grants you the charm of creating whatever look you want. Accentuate what needs to be highlighted. Minimise what is creating sharpness. Boom, your brush play will create different looks enhancing your unique features!

5. Amazing Necklines:

Necklines are attractive. People with oblong face shapes have graceful necklines. Let this fashion choice embrace and celebrate your beautiful face. Wear the accessories and draw attention towards what needs to be accentuated. Prove every face shape is an opportunity for creativity and expression!

Tips on How to Choose Sunglasses for Oblong Face Shape:

Tips on How to Choose Sunglasses for Oblong Face Shape


The key to finding the perfect glasses is contrast. If you have a rectangular face, you naturally feel like round frames are for you. Similarly round faces tend to rock square shaped frames. Likewise, an oblong face shape has more vertical lines. Whenever finding the perfect frame, go for the ones with broad and deep lenses. This way, the broadness will draw attention towards your vertical lines (cheekbones and jawline) accentuating a proportioned and balanced look.  Gradient glasses, the ones with thicker tops and bottom narrow lens also look exceptional. Let the oblong face shape have a redefined length and blend of symmetry. Let the sunglasses look elegant by embracing following tips:

1. Frames Shape:

Frame shapes define your face. So be very careful whilst choosing a frame. Steer clear of narrow or small frames. These pairs will end up making your face look unnecessarily elongated. Choose the ones with wider and softened edges. This will give your oblong face shape balanced width.

2. Oversized Frames:

Oversized frames render your oblong face shape a harmonious look. These wider lenses stick out of the face brilliantly widening your face. This accentuates the horizontal lines, cheeklines, and browlines. What else it does is hide your forehead. This efficiently draws attention towards your other features. Add a touch of glamour to your face with excellent coverage. 

3. Cat-eye Styles:

Cat-eye styles offer you the opportunity to playfully contour your face shape. The uplifting catches everyone's attention. And your eyes get all the limelight. What's more fascinating anyway? than granting all the focus to eyes and cheekbones for someone with an oblong face shape?

4. Frame Size:

Frame size is what minimises or accentuates your features. The overwhelming overshadows the rest of the features. So picking out a frame that strikes balance is crucial. For an oblong face shape, choose a frame that is medium fit. Neither overwhelming nor elongating your long face!

5. Decorative Temples:

The temples of your frame with intricate styling look great. For an oblong face shape, it creates attention towards the sides. Which in turn break ups the length of your oblong face shape. Also, the detailing adds the right amount of interest to the sides of your face accentuating your horizontal lines. Which is all you need!!!!!

Remember, experimenting and finding the right pair is necessary. Try as many frames as possible. Find out which one looks stylish and boosts your confidence. Then let this pair express your unique oblong face shape with style!

Shop the Best Sunglasses for Oblong Face Shape At Dollger

Opting frames that add balance and width to your face is necessary. With an oblong face shape, you should go for frames that draw attention away from the forehead. Or the frames that cover your forehead. This way the attention will be towards your eyes which will look classic. Fixing the sleek jawlines with rectangular or oversized frames sound good and seem perfect. So add soft angles to your oblong face shape. Dollger knows it all for its customers. You can acknowledge your face type here. Visiting Dollger is synonymous to stepping in a world of sunglasses that are functional, aesthetic, and pocket-friendly. Hey you, with an oblong face shape. Find your perfect sunglasses match today at Dollger!

Elegant Rectangular Glasses:

You want to narrow down your face with some width? If yes, then a rectangular eyewear sounds like a safe bet. It's possible for you to alter your face with these glasses at Dollger. Rectangular frame on an oblong face shape will stick out wider than the face adding contrast lines never going out of style. The thick-framed rectangular glasses scoot away the elongation with its broad lens. This sunny with bold features will offset the length of your oblong face shape drawing attention towards outward. It also adds attention to your browline naturally creating contrast with your angular features. Let these Dollger frames with a variety of shades, styles, and lens options sit comfortably on your nose. 

Dollger Oversized Glamour 

The noticeable curves of your face and less defined angles will easily be accented with oversized glasses. This pair will widen your face and help manage the elongation effortlessly. Dollger has thick frames that will greatly manage the long face with the balanced width. The sophisticated design on the temple will create a saucy statement without tingling the fashion sense too much. What's good about the wide rims? These will give a flattering look with colourful tops adding elegance and personality to your eyewear. And with all these features, your face will be the perfect definition of thin and charming. What are you exactly waiting for then? Let these amazing frames be your next eyewear with their elegance!

Cat-eye Charisma:

Balancing the elongation with the edge of the cat-eye over the forehead doesn't sound bad, right? Cat-eye glasses are trendy and chic creating contrast on an oblong face shape. What else looks better than contrast? Obviously nothing. A cat-eye frame snitches the attention from your long face and drives it towards your eyes. The sharper angles playfully grant your eye the centre of attention. Giving your oblong face shape with Dollgers cat-eye frames gives flavour of sharp edge. Which looks heavenly. It favours the oval and circular curves without hurting the elongation. The material of the glass is smooth enough to sit without causing discomfort. You get functionality and proportionality all with a pocket-friendly elegant frame at Dollger!


If you're the one worried about your oblong face shape. We're getting you covered. Naturally long faces are easily balanced with flattering frames that add balance. So, selecting the frames for an oblong face shape isn't just a practical choice but the brilliant opportunity to showcase the styles giving you confidence and sophistication. For this, dollger offers ornate temples and subtle embellishments in a wrap. The collection is catered specifically to certain face types and shapes. Each pair at Dollger is curated with precision and fashion-forward flair. Explore, experiment, and drop the shades. Enjoy the spotlight with a perfect pair. Let your face be the gallery of elegance under the shade of perfect sunglasses for an oblong face shape. Shop at Dollger and let your sunglasses be the exclamation point to your beautiful face!

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