Time To Hop On The Clear Glasses Trend: The Ultimate Versatile Eyewear Fashion

Time To Hop On The Clear Glasses Trend

Today we look at the clear glasses trend, a style that has been enjoying a timeless popularity for good reason. This eyewear are so elegant and stylish in a subtle manner. They’re also versatile enough to go with any outfit and any skin tone you can think of. The most endearing characteristic of clear frames is how they don’t compete with your facial features for the spotlight. So, in this article, we discuss all you need to know about clear eyeglass frames.

Why are clear glasses so popular?

Why are clear glasses so popular?


What makes clear glasses so popular is how they complement anyone who wears them. There's also the fact that they have a subtle invisibility, especially from afar, that highlights your facial features. Clear frames don't hide your facial features, from your brows to your cheekbones. 

They also combine well with all skin tones, ages, and hair colors. Then there's how clear frames are gender-neutral, suitable for both men and women. They are suitable for any dress color, and you can rest assured the colors won't clash. There are just too many reasons the clear glasses trend is still going strong. 

Advantages and disadvantages of clear frames


Versatility in Style

Clear glasses are among the most versatile frames available, complementing every skin tone and face shape. They also combine well with any dress, whether casual or formal.

Subtle Elegance:

Clear frames do not hog the spotlights, choosing instead to be subtle, and let other facial features be highlighted. Clear eyeglass frames offer a subtle, yet elegant appearance. Because they don’t overpower your features, they’re perfect for you if you lean towards minimalist aesthetics.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

Materials like acetate, which are lightweight, are used in making clear glasses. This makes them very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. Unlike frame materials like metal, acetate frames are the most comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Easy to Match with Lenses:

Another advantage of clear frames is that they offer enough flexibility that you can use them for either tinted lenses or prescription lenses. Whether for style or functionality, clear frames are just as suitable.

Timeless Appeal:

Finally, the clear glasses trend isn’t momentary. This is one trend that has been in vogue for decades and will not be going out of vogue any time soon.


Susceptible to Stains and Discoloration:

This is more a drawback of the materials used to make clear frames than it is a drawback of the frames themselves. Acetate is highly susceptible to discoloration over time. This can be because of environmental factors, makeup on your face, or your skin’s natural oils. Clear frames are also easily stained.

Visibility of Smudges and Fingerprints:

Another drawback of clear frames is how conspicuously they highlight fingerprints and smudges, compared to other frame colors, especially darker frames. Clear glasses require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they remain in good shape.

Limited Coverage for Blemishes:

While darker frames can easily hide little blemishes on your face, like bruises or marks, clear frames don’t offer such privilege. If, for example, you wish to hide a birthmark on your nose, you will have to choose alternative frame colors.

How to choose the right clear frame?

How to choose the right clear frame?


There are different styles and shapes of clear frames. So if you wish to join the clear glasses trend, you need to figure out which style best suits you. We discuss the factors you need to consider below.

Face shape

The first thing to consider when choosing your frame is your frame shape. Whatever eyeglass frame you choose must complement your face shape. Generally, if you have a round face, square or rectangular frames are more suitable for you because they add angles that complement the curves of your face. Meanwhile, if you have a rectangular or diamond-shaped face, rounded frames are better for you because they’ll provide curves that add the softness your face needs to balance the angles.

Frame size

Admittedly, oversized frames are a popular trend in themselves, but you have to be careful about choosing just any oversized glasses. That’s because if they’re too big, they’ll overwhelm your face. They may even be bigger than your nose bridge, which means they’ll slide down very often, and you have to keep pushing them back up. While you may adjust their fit if they have nose pads, it’s still better to opt for eyeglass frames that aren’t bigger than your face, especially since there’s no remedy if they swamp out your face. 

Also, if you choose a frame, that’s smaller than your face, it’ll make your face seem pinched. As a rule, your clear frames should not cover your eyebrows. If they do, you will appear tired, which isn’t how you ideally want to project yourself.

Glasses prescription

There are several clear eyeglass frames online, and if you need one just as a fashion piece, there’s no problem. You just need to consider the other factors, and you’re good. However, if you need prescription clear frames, you’ll need to inform your optician first, as he’s the one to prescribe what type of lens you need. There are different reasons you would need prescription glasses. It could be farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, or age-related farsightedness (presbyopia). Each of these eye conditions requires different lenses. You may also require a combination of these lenses, and they’re available as bifocals and progressive lenses. 

Use occasions

Styling clear glasses also varies with the occasion. You can opt for warmer tones for a friendly dinner party, while white clear round frames seamlessly complement a student's versatile wardrobe. Transparent frames effortlessly make a fashion statement with their understated appeal. 

Modern technology has also enhanced these trendy clear glasses with features like blue-light filters, safeguarding eyes and sleep during late-night online work. And since most of them also have clear lenses, they harmonize well with the frames. Additionally, there are light-responsive lenses that adapt to bright light, automatically darkening to ensure constant eye protection. 

Suitable shape for clear glass frames   

Round glasses

Round glasses work best for faces with square jawlines and angular features. A typical example is a square-shaped face—with its broad forehead, prominent jawline, chin, and cheeks. Round frames are also suitable for rectangular faces. The round frames soften the angles of these two face shapes. Oval faces can also use round glasses too.

Square glasses

Square glasses do the opposite of round glasses—they add angles to balance the curves of a round face. Square frames can give a round face the illusion of having more pronounced cheekbones. Also, square glasses are perfect for oval faces, as the oversized nature of the frame tends to add more width to an oval face’s narrow look. Both round faces and oval-shaped faces also enjoy the illusion of having a more prominent jawline, thanks to a square frame’s bottom square.

Cat eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses effortlessly complement various face shapes. Oval faces find a perfect match in the cat-eye style, with rounded dimensions and soft angular details for a gorgeous look. For round faces, the angularity of cat eyes sharpens features, while squared-off shapes and bold lines add flair. Triangle faces benefit from cat-eye angles that draw attention to the upper face, creating balance. Diamond faces, with their unique proportions, can enhance their look with rounded cat-eye glasses, featuring thinner bottoms and a slightly thicker brow line for a bold yet balanced appearance. Cat-eye frames offer versatile elegance for every face shape.

What product can Dollger help you with?

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We present the timeless allure of Dollger Cat Eye Ivory Turquoise Eyeglasses. A fusion of vintage glamour and contemporary elegance, these frames are a captivating accessory that elevates your style. The cat-eye silhouette adds a touch of retro chic, while the ivory and turquoise color palette exudes sophistication. Meticulously crafted, these eyeglasses are more than a fashion statement; they're a celebration of individuality. Whether you're at work or stepping out for a night on the town, Dollger's Cat Eye Ivory Turquoise Eyeglasses are the perfect blend of classic charm and modern flair, making every glance a moment of impeccable style.


Dollger Round Cognac Eyeglasses



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Dollger Cat Eye Ivory Turquoise Eyeglasses



  • Reduces blue light exposure from digital screens, energy-efficient lighting, and the sun
  • Premium anti-reflective coating
  • Combats digital eye strain
  • Resistant to scratches and smudges.


That wraps up our discussion on the clear glass trend. These transparent frames have warmed their way into our hearts with their subtle, minimalist style and their versatility. This is one frame style we can boast of having a design for everyone. They’ll allow your ensemble and your personality to shine through every time with their subtle elegance. Get yourself a trendy clear eyeglass frame and be assured of always being classy at any outing.

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