A Look at All Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Sunglasses

A Look at All Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Sunglasses

Over the years we’ve been graced with films that come to become benchmarks of science fiction and even pop culture, especially those that develop into major franchises filled with many sequels. Top among them is the Terminator franchise, which boasts a legacy of being among the history of cinematic development. It also happens to be one of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous movie legacies. One of the most iconic memories of the Terminator franchise—especially its first two installments—is that of Arnold in those Terminator sunglasses. His appearance donning those sunglasses gave him such an aura devoid of human emotions, which was truly formidable. In this article, we’ll look at all the sunglasses used by Arnie and a few other casts of the Terminator franchise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Sunglasses in The Terminator (1984)

The first Terminator movie was released in 1984 and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main character. He was that confident, tough, bold guy you could hardly mess up with. In this movie, he played the role of an antagonist as an evil T-101 robot. The name of the sunglasses is Gargoyle Ansi Classics. He sustained an injury on his synthetic skin and his left cybernetic eye during a car chase scene. So, he had to wear these Sunglasses to hide his bulging red optical sensor to avoid getting caught as a robot. He wore cool sunglasses throughout the movie, and interestingly, these glasses matched his tough character. 

The glasses are characterized by a dark lens plus a thin black frame. These rimless glasses feature a 4.5-base curvature. The dark color of the lens makes the glasses more colorful, hence, you can dress up with it. The central bridge piece is quite large, but it has a molded nose pad which allows for comfort and grip. It also features huge polycarbonate lenses. These lenses helped the Terminator hide his robotic sensors during mortal combats and gunfights. Just like the Terminator himself, one of the best ways to rock these glasses would be to pair them with a leather jacket. Get these eyeglasses for your next outing and enjoy looking tough like the Terminator himself. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator Sunglasses in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Moving to the second Terminator movie released in 1991, it is even more interesting to see Arnold Schwarzenegger wear cooler sunglasses. The major design of these sunglasses is full-rim rounded rectangles. This Terminator movie was loved by most people as the movie gathered many fans from all over the world. However, there was another thing about the movie that people fell in love with. Yes, you guessed right; it was the particular pair of sunglasses used in this movie. It is known as Persol Ratti 58230 sunglasses. Unfortunately, these sunglasses worn in Terminator 2 are vintage, and also out of stock. 

However, there is good news! New designs are mimicking these original glasses. Plus these designs have a modern vibe that makes them suitable to wear even in this present time. There are new New old stock (NOS) editions that are designed to give you that Terminator vibes while still making you look cool, fashionable, and stylish. These sunglasses are closely fit to the face such that light can only be experienced minimally from above and from the sides. These sunglasses worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger were produced in Italy. The frame and the temple of the sunglasses were produced from dark grey lenses and a thick black acetate. These eyeglasses here look so much like aviator glasses, only that it has a metal frame and even more shiny lenses.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator Sunglasses in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines(2003)

Another Terminator movie is released and Arnold Schwarzenegger has yet another pair of sunglasses. Just like Terminator 2, they look much like aviator shades, only that this time around the sunglasses have a square lens and a shiny metal frame. However, just like the Terminator, the sunglasses remain stylish and tough. Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a pair of black acetate glasses called the Sama Eyewear ‘T3™’ sunglasses. Interestingly, these glasses were made for the sake of the 2003 Terminator film. One of the unique features of the sunglasses worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator 3 is that they are star-shaped glasses. As a bonus, The glasses are designed in a way that they can easily protect and shield your eyes from the rays of the Sun. The star-shaped sunglasses Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in Terminator 3 were stolen from a male stripper before he finally destroyed them. Aside from pairing them with leather jackets like the Terminator, the sunglasses are also great options for casual and semi-formal outings. They definitely look awesome also in T-shirts and jeans- as a matter of fact, almost anything! Aside from the Terminator’s tough character, these eyeglasses made him look even more mysterious and scarier. Lucky for us, these eyeglasses have been around the corner and they never go out of style. 

Terminator Sunglasses in Terminator Genisys (2015 Terminator 5)

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't seen in Terminator 4 and his role was played by another person. However, he made another reappearance in Terminator 5. We don't consider the sunglasses he wore in Terminator 5 as iconic as it shares a resemblance with the sunglasses he wore in Terminator 2, only with some minor differences. The sunglasses are characterized by tinted lenses and an unknown type of frame. They look cool, high-tech, and give a sci-fi vibe. The movie posters of Terminator 5 suggest that it looks more like the Persol Ratti 58230 sunglasses which are the sunglasses used in Terminator 2. 

The Terminator fan base believes that out of the Terminator Sunglasses, this remains the unidentified sunglasses. However, similar to the sunglasses used in other Terminator movies, these sunglasses are closely fit to the eyes. They also look like sports eyewear which looks like the ones used for cycling, golf, or tennis. However, note that there are now modern designs that mimic this type of Terminator glass. These new designs give you a balanced design of a retro and modern look.

Terminator Sunglasses in Terminator: Dark Fate(2019 Terminator 6)

It was more than a shock to the Terminator fanbase that Terminator 6 was shot with 3d modeled sunglasses. The producers used augmented reality to superimpose the 3d model of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the face of another actor. The face used was the Terminator released in 1984. However, these sunglasses share a great resemblance with the one she wore in Terminator 2: Terminator Judgement Day. However, it was easy to notice some minor differences as it was the same. Most people think the glasses are not real as augmented reality came into play. Perhaps, these sunglasses are just a digital representation of the sunglasses used in Terminator 2, rather than a complete or partial replica.

Other sunglasses Worn by Other Characters in The Terminator Franchise

Barnes Terminator Sunglasses in Terminator Salvation (2009)

Remember, we noted initially that for Terminator 4, another person played the main character of the Terminator. He was identified as Barnes. However, it was only short-lived as Arnold Schwarzenegger made a comeback in Terminator 4. However, let's talk about the unique Terminator glasses worn by Barnes in this movie. Now, there weren't many iconic frames worn by Barnes in this 2 hours length movie, but the sunglasses share a huge resemblance with aviator sunglasses. It shared so much similarity with the Ray-Ban RB3025 181 Aviator sunglasses as it is characterized by fashionable moderate wireframes. 

These sunglasses became even more popular after the release of the movie. These sunglasses are timeless and they can make anyone cooler at the same time. It is those glasses that have a perfect feeling between giving a retro and a modern vibe. If you fancy looking cool and also like a mysterious being, these Terminator eyeglasses will serve you this purpose well. Fun Facts about these eyeglasses are that they look very stylish and are also very functional. Even though it portrays a tough character, the thin wire frame makes it quite fashionable, especially in other bright colors.

Sarah Connor's sunglasses in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (2003)

In Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton played the role of Sarah Conor and her sunglasses are one that we cannot help but talk about. In the movie, she wore Matsuda 2809 sunglasses which were originally designed by a Japanese eyeglasses brand in 1989. The eyeglasses are also known as glacier shades or “steampunk shades”. This glass is characterized by a round wire frame with a double bridge and removable side shields. 

The main essence of these detachable side shields is to prevent light from entering the house either from the top of the frame or the side of the frame. This makes the sunglasses look even cooler and highly functional. Aside from shielding the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, they also help to ease our eye strain by reducing the amount of sunlight the eyes are exposed to. In recent times, these sunglasses go by the name 2809H-V2. 

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The Terminator franchise has been one of the most enduring sci-fi movie franchises to have graced the big screen, and every sci-fi fan has enjoyed all the installments. They gave us iconic scenes and action sequences, and lots of destruction and carnage. But they also gave us iconic sunglasses. Terminator sunglasses have become a fashion staple and are accessories that can up your outlook every time. There are rumors of a 7th installment of the Terminator series in the works, and we’re just as excited for the latest Terminator sunglasses to be unveiled in the movie as we are about the storyline and action sequences.

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