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The Secret Behind Ryan Reynolds Glasses - MyDollger

When it comes to fashion, Ryan Reynolds glasses are the most striking element in the fashion industry. There are photographs of him in a variety of browline, aviator, and trapezoid glasses. He wears glasses in some of his roles, like in the 2021 film Red Notice.


You might wonder if these glasses are simply for his roles or if he wears them off-screen as well. Alternatively, you might be curious about the brands and models he wears. This article will explore who Reynolds is, his glasses style, and iconic looks, and how you can pull off his style.

Who Is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a Vancouver-born actor who also dabbles in writing and business. Before reaching his 20s, Reynolds was already an actor. He began this particular journey on the soap opera Hillside in 1991 and remained on the cast for 2 years.


After nearly two decades, he caught his big break and expanded into the film industry. He acted in a series of comedies such as the 2009 The Proposal, dramas like the 2015 Woman in Gold, and action films like the 2016 Deadpool. Furthermore, he has landed voice acting roles like Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.


Though Reynolds is mostly known for his sense of humor, he also has a serious side to him. As a businessman, he has a diverse portfolio ranging from football clubs to network operators. Moreover, he has production plans in the works through the company he created: “Maximum Effort”.


In addition, he participated in charity events such as Partners in Health, which at the time was helping the most vulnerable combat Covid-19. He has also donated to refugees and Indigenous people.


When it comes to his public image, he seems to wear just about anything, from expensive three-piece suits to cargo shorts. But what truly denotes his style is his glasses.

Does Ryan Reynolds Wear Glasses?

On the screen, Reynolds has played several characters who wear glasses. Though he doesn't wear glasses in some of the films he acts in, he does in his daily life. Generally, he wears prescription glasses to correct his vision. However, he also wears sunglasses.


More specifically, he gravitates towards trapezoid and browline styles from expensive brands like Tom Ford and Garrett Leight. These glasses usually have either solid black or translucent frames with prescription or brown tint lenses.

Which Glasses Does Ryan Reynolds Wear?

Ryan Reynolds glasses consist of a wide range, but here are some of the specific brands and models he has worn:

1. Trapezoid Prescription Glasses

One of the pairs Reynolds wears the most often is the Tom Ford TF5178-001. These are trapezoid prescription glasses with a thick black frame and a 'T' metallic detail near the joints. With their large size, they should give him a nerdy look, but instead, they give him a genuine and studious expression.


You can call this style of glasses wayfarers. Raymond Stegman first created this type of glasses in the 1950s. He wished to make glasses with a masculine shape, which is why it has this large trapezoid shape.

2. Gradient Prescription Glasses


Reynolds has a few pairs of Garry Leight, including the Hampton Combo. These glasses have a frame with a gradient that goes from dark brown at the top to light brown beneath the lenses. He appears more humble and down to earth when he wears them, even if that pair is still quite expensive.


Though this pair is also a wayfarer, it's much more rounded at the bottom of the rim than the usual wayfarer. In fact, it almost borders on being round glasses. However, the nose bridge and the upper rim are fairly straight, keeping the wayfarer look.

3. Browline Prescription Glasses

While not wearing prescription wayfarers, Reynolds wears browline in his daily life. In particular, he wears the Willman model from Oliver Peoples. These glasses have a prominent upper rim that's black. Meanwhile, there's a thin metal on the sides and bottom of the lenses. There are also accents on the outer corners of the rims.

4. Trapezoid Sunglasses

When Reynolds isn't wearing prescription glasses, he sometimes opts for trapezoid sunglasses. One of these pairs is the dark brown-gray Bulgari model: BV7019. The glasses' design is simple yet elegant, reminding you of his status as an A-list actor and business mogul.

5. Tortoise Sunglasses

The other pair of trapezoid sunglasses Reynolds wears is from Garrett Leight. Compared to his Tom Ford prescription wayfarers, this Brooks 47 pair has a much thinner frame. They also differ from his other pairs in color. Unlike the usual black or dark brown, this pair has a more playful tortoise color.

6. Aviator Sunglasses

Reynolds might opt for aviators. Like his prescription wayfarers, these aviators are also from Tom Ford. Though this is a departure from his preferred wayfarer and browline style, this James Bond model is just as stunning.


As expected of aviators, these glasses have a rim connecting the lenses and the classic tear-drop lens shape. The frame is metallic, and the lens has a brown tint. With these features, he appears more suave than when he wears his other glasses.

Ryan Reynolds' Iconic On-Screen Glasses

While Reynolds tends to gravitate towards only a couple of styles and brands for his daily life glasses, his film personas are much more daring. These glasses have created iconic looks that he doesn't share in his private life but still mark his career.

Free Guy: Tinted Goggles

The 'goggles' he wore in Free Guy are the most adventurous look Reynolds has worn in his film career. While he wore multiple sets of glasses in this 2021 science-fiction comedy, it's the Nacht 2 that stands out.


These goggles are actually sunglasses from the Japanese brand DITA. They have teardrop lenses with a brown tint. Additionally, its frame is black and metal. What makes them so special are the side guards. These guards extend from the rim to the cheeks, blocking peripheral vision.

6 Underground: Aviator Sunglasses

Reynolds truly embodied his military character when he wore Randolf USA aviators. These matte black aviators made his character more imposing whilst keeping a realistic military character design.


In fact, the USA’s military had these glasses designed. Their design makes piloting aircraft easier since the slim frame fits well under the headgear pilots must wear.


However, the aviators he wore differed from the typical ones in tint and shape. The lenses of the Randolf pair are more square than the teardrop, and the lenses' tint is green.

Red Notice: Translucent Sunglasses

In the 2021 Red Notice, Reynolds wears sunglasses with a gray tint in the lens and details in the corners of the rim. While these are wayfarers he prefers, their translucent frame with a pink tint sets them apart. This is an Oliver Peoples' Sheldrake model.

Hitman's Bodyguard: Trapezoid Sunglasses

In the 2017 Hitman's Bodyguard, Reynolds brings back an iconic look that Daniel Craig had worn in a James Bond movie: The Snowdon. These are wayfarers with a thick black frame, a 'T' emblem in the corners of the rim, and tinted lenses.


Like one of the wayfarers he wears to correct his vision, these are also a Tom Ford model. In fact, they look similar to his prescription version.

Fast and Furious: Trapezoid Prescription Glasses

Among Reynolds's most well-known looks is his personal classic: The Tom Ford TF5178-001. He wore off-screen glasses in the 2019 Fast and Furious film. Though they are his own wayfarers, they fit his CIA agent character well. Just as in real life, he looks serious and smart in these Tom Ford.

The Inspiration Ryan Reynolds Brought to Dollger

Reynolds has a charming set of glasses ranging from trapezoid wayfarers to studious browlines to cool aviators. To achieve his true essence, Dollger created iconic models that marry Ryan Reynolds glasses style and creative yet entrepreneurial personality.


The result is a pair of browline glasses that resembles Reynolds' own. In fact, it's easy to imagine Reynolds wearing the black silver or black and gold models. In particular, the black silver model has the same defined black rim at the top that Reynolds prefers, and the rest of the frame has a thin metal that helps balance the thick rim.


If you wish to pair his iconic Red Notice look with the browline style, you can select Dollger's transparent silver. This uniquely blends the translucent and browline trends.


To sum up, Ryan Reynolds wears a selection of glasses, including trapezoid and browline models. While he needs glasses to correct his vision, he also wears stylish sunglasses in the wayfarer and aviator styles. However, when he's on-screen, he adventures in more daring styles. He has worn translucent frames, goggles, and even James Bond's own wayfarer sunglasses. The frames he wears speak to his humorous yet serious personality. Many popular brands, such as Dollger, are now manufacturing these types of glasses. They capture this multifaceted essence and have models that resemble Reynolds' preferred glasses, embodying his attributes.

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