Why You Should Add Purple Lens Sunglasses To Your Collection?

Why You Should Add Purple Lens Sunglasses To Your Collection?

Let’s talk about the allure of purple-lens sunglasses and why they deserve a place in your collection. Purple-tinted glasses not only make a fashion statement but also offer potential benefits like filtering harmful blue light and enhancing color perception. The purple lens color is more than just aesthetics—it's a result of sophisticated anti-reflective coating on the lenses. Learn about the significance of purple lens sunglasses in fashion and their practical advantages for everyday use. We also discuss other colors of tinted glasses as well.

What Are Tinted Glasses?

What Are Tinted Glasses?

Tinted glasses are sunglasses made by adding a coat of tint on UV-blocking lenses. The most popular tints are green, yellow, blue, brown, etc. Tinted sunglasses serve many purposes at once. They protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays, while the tint provides contrast for clearer vision. Also, they make very fashionable fashion accessories.

Sunglasses with UV protection have become increasingly popular as we become more aware of the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. Tinted sunglasses take things a step further by minimizing the diffraction of light so more light can pass through the lenses.

English inventor James Ayscough created tinted eyeglasses in the 18th century. He created lenses with green or blue tints and sold them. Modern advancement in science has helped us figure out though, that the quality of protection you get from tinted sunglasses varies according to their colors. We will discuss the protection capacity of each color in subsequent sections of this article. 

There are two types of sunglasses with tinted lenses: solid tint and gradient tint sunglasses. Let's explain the difference between the two.

  • Solid tint sunglasses are sunglasses with only one color of tint throughout the lens surface. They are the most common type of tinted sunglasses available. Examples included purple lens sunglasses and blue-tinted glasses. 
  • Gradient tint sunglasses usually have a strong tint at the top of the lens, and the tint gradually fades down until the bottom of the lens, which is typically clear. 

How Do Tinted Glasses Work?

There’s a high percentage of blue light present in the sunlight, and many electronic screens emit it as well. This blue light overlaps with other wavelengths of light, causing a generally low-contrast vision. Also, when you stare at electronic screens indoors for too long, overexposure to blue light causes eye strains and migraines. So, tinted glasses are functional both indoors and outdoors. It’s probably shocking for you to hear that you can use tinted glasses indoors, but it’s the truth. There are glasses with a light tint, making them fit for indoor use.

Tinted eyeglasses like purple lens sunglasses and more work by filtering the blue light, allowing you to see with better contrast. Also, because colors have been scientifically proven to have an effect on our moods, you can influence your mood by choosing the right tint of glasses to wear at specific moments.

Types of Tinted Glasses & Their Benefits

Red-Tinted Glasses

Red-Tinted Glasses

Red or rose-tinted sunglasses are great for those with extra-sensitive eyes. They’re excellent at blocking blue light, which makes them effective at relieving migraines stemming from eyestrain. They also increase your depth perception and enhance your vision while wearing them. This makes them perfect for sporting activities. 

Yellow-Tinted Glasses

Yellow, orange, and gold-tinted glasses belong in the same category and perform the same function. Although yellow-tinted eyeglasses are better for the outdoors, they work well indoors, especially in low-light environments like dusk or overcast days, because they give an impression that the lighting is brighter. Yellow-tinted sunglasses also filter blue light excellently and offer good depth perception. This makes them great for outdoor enthusiasts who need optimal vision in varying light environments.

Blue-Tinted Glasses

Blue-tinted sunglasses also offer improved perception. They’re also excellent at reducing glare from shiny objects or surfaces, especially snow. Blue glasses also make it easier to make out contours around any object. They also provide an excellent contrast in bright conditions. Their anti-glare properties make them ideal for outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, surfing, and snowboarding.

Green-Tinted Glasses

Green-tinted sunglasses offer several benefits. They reduce glare and eyestrain in bright conditions—even against glaring sunlight—and enhance visual comfort. The green tint also provides good color contrast, making objects appear clearer and more defined. These sunglasses are considered the best option that provides the maximum protection against UV rays and blue light. Additionally, green lenses can improve overall visibility in various lighting environments, making them ideal for outdoor activities like driving, sports, or leisure.

Brown-Tinted Glasses

Brown-tinted sunglasses offer notable advantages. They enhance contrast and depth perception, particularly in bright sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or fishing. The warm hue of brown lenses helps reduce glare and improves visual clarity by filtering out blue light. Additionally, brown tints are gentle on the eyes, providing a comfortable vision for extended wear in sunny conditions. If you have nearsighted vision, brown lenses are ideal because of how they enhance visual contrast.

Grey-Tinted Glasses

Grey-tinted sunglasses offer accurate color perception with minimal distortion, making them suitable for everyday use in various light conditions. They are also effective at reducing glare from shiny objects. Grey lenses reduce overall brightness without affecting color balance, effectively reducing eye fatigue. They are ideal for driving and outdoor activities where natural color recognition is essential. Additionally, grey tints provide excellent UV protection for eye health.

Purple-Tinted Glasses

Purple-tinted sunglasses offer enhanced visual contrast and depth perception, particularly in varying light conditions. Purple lens sunglasses can improve visibility in both bright and low-light environments, making them versatile for outdoor activities. The tint also helps reduce eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light. Additionally, purple sunglasses can add a stylish touch to any outfit while providing essential eye protection.

Who Can Wear Purple Sunglasses?

Anyone can wear purple sunglasses, but the key is matching this bold color with your outfit. Stick to neutral colors like black, white, tan, or cream to keep it balanced. Neutral prints also pair nicely with purple lenses. Some people think purple looks too cute or childish, but with the right combination, you can make it look sophisticated and classy. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. Purple shades can add a stylish touch to your look when paired thoughtfully with the proper clothing.

Purple Prescription Sunglasses

For those who wear glasses for practical reasons, finding the right sunglasses can be tricky. Switching between glasses and sunglasses or wearing contacts isn't always convenient. That's where prescription sunglasses come in handy. With prescription purple lens sunglasses, you get both style and visual clarity. 

At Dollger, we have a wide range of frame options to choose from, ensuring you can see well and look fantastic at the same time! Choose the perfect pair that suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of clear vision with fashionable sunglasses.

Find your perfect purple lens sunglasses!

Dollger Retro-Vintage Lightweight Cat-Eye Tinted Sunglasses

Dollger Retro-Vintage Lightweight Cat-Eye Tinted Sunglasses

Introducing Dollger Retro-Vintage Lightweight Cat-Eye Tinted Sunglasses. These stylish glasses combine vintage charm with a touch of geeky flair. The unique X-shaped detail on the frames also adds a distinctive look. Made from lightweight and durable acetate and titanium, they're comfortable for everyday wear. With purple-tinted lenses, they're perfect for any occasion, adding a fun pop of color to your outfit. They also provide UV protection, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality, clear vision, and style.

Dollger Square Aviator Black Sunglasses

Dollger Square Aviator Black Sunglasses

Step out in style in our Dollger Square Aviator Black Sunglasses. These purple lens sunglasses are built for durability and comfort with military flex hinges and a collapsible TR frame that withstands impacts for long-lasting use. The classic aviator style is unisex, suitable for both men and women. With purple lenses, these sunglasses not only look stylish but also offer protection against UV rays. Elevate your look with these reliable and fashionable sunglasses for everyday wear.

Dollger Sports Sun Protection Sunglasses

Dollger Sports Sun Protection Sunglasses

Dollger Sports Sun Protection Sunglasses are perfect for beach surfing, mountain hiking, or city strolls. These casual sports sunglasses are essential for every leisure activity. They enhance your enjoyment during adventurous outings or relaxed weekend activities. With purple lenses, they provide both style and UV protection. Besides the purple lenses, the frame is also purple to complete the classy look. Stay protected and stylish with these versatile sunglasses, your go-to choice for outdoor adventures and leisurely moments.

Dollger Wine Color Vintage Metal Geometric Tinted Sunglasses

Dollger Wine Color Vintage Metal Geometric Tinted Sunglasses

Introducing Dollger Wine Color Vintage Metal Geometric Tinted Sunglasses. These round eyeglasses feature a unique two-tone design with a metal bridge and temples, giving them a quirky and charming appeal. Available in black or gold frames with purple lenses, these sunglasses offer an elegant and impressive look. Embrace vintage style with a modern twist and stand out from the crowd. Get yours now and elevate your eyewear collection with these stylish and distinctive tinted sunglasses.

Dollger Black Acetate Aviator Tinted Sunglasses

Dollger Black Acetate Aviator Tinted Sunglasses

With our Dollger black acetate aviator purple lens sunglasses, we acknowledge a retro style making a comeback. These glasses feature a double-bridge square design crafted from a blend of acetate and metal for durability and style. With purple-tinted lenses, they offer a cool and fashionable look while providing sun protection. Embrace the vintage vibe with these trendy sunglasses, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your outfit. Upgrade your eyewear collection today with these classic yet stylish aviator sunglasses.


The allure of purple-tinted sunglasses lies not only in their cool shimmer but also in their protective features. The color of the lens reflects the quality of the anti-reflective coating, providing essential benefits like reducing glare from screens and headlights. Remember, sunglasses are not just about style—they're about safeguarding your eyes from harmful UV rays. Once you've chosen your favorite tint and shape, elevate your outfit and personalize your look with confidence. Let your sunglasses be both fashionable and functional, prioritizing safety while enhancing your style.

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