Why do you need sunglasses for the winter?

Why do you need sunglasses for the winter?

There’s not a lot of sun this time of year - that's perhaps what you're thinking. There are, however many benefits to wearing sunglasses in the winter.

Sun rays, despite sometimes not being intense can still damage your eyes - UVA/UVB rays are still emitted from the sun, even through the dark clouds. It’s always a good idea to protect your eyes year-round, because when your older you may find your eyesight deteriorating due to lack of protection when you’re younger.

The sun emits a blue light – something which also emits from your computer screens and phone screens. Blue light is responsible for making your eyes sore and strained, however sunglasses can protect you from this, making seeing less uncomfortable. Sunglasses should be seen as a prevention of deterioration, such as brushing your teeth prevents decay.  Sunglasses are also stylish, so you can't loose.


If you’re the type of person who enjoys doing sports in the winter, sunglasses can improve your performance in whatever sport you do, be that golf, fishing or running – sunglasses can reduce glare, especially when there’s snow! The sun’s rays bounce off snow which can then get in to your eyes. Sunglasses can stop these intense rays from effecting your ability to see properly when doing sports or driving.

Style is also a big part of reasons to own a pair of sunglasses! When you see celebrities in a magazine or on the internet, they are usually wearing sunglasses. They can be an expression of your personal style, to show people who you are.

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