What Glasses Does Ryan Gosling Wear: On And Off The Screen?

What Glasses Does Ryan Gosling Wear: On And Off The Screen? - MyDollger

Let's face it: regarding celebrity fashion, only a few can make style statements, like Ryan Gosling, the eyeglass icon. If you don't know this name, you don't know the people who made Hollywood Hollywood.

From debuting as a singer to featuring in A+ movies, Ryan Gosling is arguably one of the best entertainers. He is a Canadian by birth and an actor and musician by profession. He has starred in a lot of Hollywood movies. Notable ones include the Notebook, La La Land, and Barbie. His films have raked in a box office gross of over $1. 9 billion and received nominations and awards for his incredible performance. Notable ones include Academy Award nominations, The Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA.

Ryan Gosling does not fail to impress; whether it's a red carpet event or a casual city stroll, he always knows the right glasses for the occasion. So, if you're a fan or fashionista seeking to emulate celebrity trends, you will enjoy this journey as we dive deeply into Ryan Gosling's glasses.

What Glasses Did Ryan Gosling Wear On-screen 

Ryan Gosling's on-screen performance was great. However, his character was amplified by his glasses. His choice of glasses always mirrors the role he portrayed, adding depth and authenticity to his role. Here are the glasses Ryan Gosling wore in his scenes

Persol PO3105 s1

These glasses were made in Italy in the 1950s. They have a round, black frame with gradient lenses. The Persols are part of the Cellor Original Collection. Ryan Gosling wore this glass in The LaLaLand, where he played the role of Sebastian, the jazz pianist.

The Persols are great but quite pricey. So, if you want affordable glasses that look like PO3105 s1 and have more features, check out the Dollger Polarized sunglasses.

These glasses give a modern retro vibe, combining vintage with style; unlike the Persols that feature gradient lenses, Dollger Polarized sunglasses are made with the most recent eye technology and lenses, which offer better glare protection than gradient lenses and are the most suitable, especially for post-cataract surgery patients.

Selima Optimum Chad Sunglasses

Ryan wore the Selima Optimum Chad in Drive, where he played the role of stuntman and getaway driver. The Selima Optimum Chad Sunglasses are handmade and are produced in France.

He also wore a pair of Selima optimum in crazy, stupid love. These glasses have metal frames, gradient lenses, and a square shape. The Selima Chad Sunglasses suit those looking for a modern or minimalist look.

A good alternative to Selima Optimum Chad Sunglasses is the Dollger Oversized Polarized Square Sunglass. It is unisex and has a polarised lens that protects your eyes from sun glares. It has an eye-catching design and is the best choice for those who want a nostalgic look.

The Aviator Sunglasses

The Americans Optical  [ AO Gold]  was the sunglasses Ryan wore when he starred in The First Man. He played the role of Niel Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. In Nice Guys, he also wore a pair of aviators where he played the role of Holland March, a private eye who teamed up with Jackson Healey to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl.

Pilots used Aviator glasses to reduce sun glare, But because of their popularity and function, they became a hot trend in the eyewear industry. The AO Gold Optic glasses have bayonet temples that sit close to the face for easy removal.

However, the Aviators Ryan Gosling wore in The Nice Guys slightly differ from the AO Optic Gold. You might feel they are the same if you don't have an Eagle eye. The sunglasses in The Nice Guy are made by Randolph Engineering, one of the founders who previously worked in American Optical, hence their similarities.

The Aviator glasses are available in different materials, including, acetate, and metal. They could either have polarised or mirrored frames. Before purchasing the aviator worn by Ryan Gosling, you must ensure it is the best fit for your face. But you can go for Oversized aviator glasses if you don't know your face type. You can't go wrong with it, as they fit all face types.

Gosling's off-screen fashion statements with glasses

Away from the silver screen, Ryan Gosling is a style icon. His choices of eyewear influenced fashion trends. He wore different glasses to compliment his outfit in most offscreen appearances. Here are some of the glasses he was spotted off the screen

The Black round glasses

When he wore the black frame glasses to the Cannes Festival, Ryan Gosling gave the most sophisticated and intellectual looks. He paired the black round glasses with a gray cut suit and tie. The glasses added a touch of elegance and refinement to his outfit and accentuated his facial features, which made him stand out. To get this look, you can go for black round glasses like the Vintage Classic Round Eyeglasses or the Dollger cognac eyeglasses and pair them with your outfit.

Brown tortoiseshell glasses

Ryan Gosling was spotted wearing a brown tortoiseshell that contrasted his black sweatshirt on one of his outings. His outfit and glasses gave him that scholarly look. It added color and texture to his look. The tortoiseshell glasses are softer on the face and complement all face types. They are available in different shades, but if you’d love to recreate Gosling's scholastic but casual look, you can opt for the Square Vintage glasses.

Oval-shaped glasses

Aside from Ryan Gosling, most celebrities wore oval-shaped glasses. It is known to always amplify the face of its wearers and any outfit. Ryan Gosling wore it in The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid Love, but he rocks it mostly in his normal functions, which gives him the hipster, geek, or retro, depending on the occasion and the outfit. You can give off the same vibe if you wear oval frame glasses like the Dollger Classic Clear lens Metal Frame glasses. 

Squared-shaped glasses

Ryan redefined fashion the day he wore a t-shirt paired with squared-shaped glasses, then picked his three-stringed guitar to take a walk in New York. That day, we realized that fashion is not buying fanciful and trendy clothes, but it's selecting the right clothes and knowing the right glasses to complement them.

Squared glasses, when added to simple clothes, give retro-vintage vibes. Aside from Ryan Gosling, Celebrities like Buddy Holly wear square-shaped glasses.  Squared-shaped glasses are most suitable for those with round faces. This doesn't mean that it won't fit any other face type. Squared-shaped glasses like retro-classic or vintage square eyeglasses complement your simple dress and add symmetry to your face.

How to emulate Ryan Gosling Glasses' style

In 2023, Ryan Gosling took over the net with the 'I am literally him, or I am Ryan Gosling" trend. But to be Ryan Gosling, it goes beyond creating hashtags on Twitter or posting on Facebook. You should be able to copy his style, especially his eyewear choices. Here's how to bring Gosling to the wardrobe.

1 Understand your face shape

Anytime Ryan wears a glass, there's always a sensation because it perfectly complements his face and outfit. He knows what fits him. You'll have to identify your face types. There are six types of faces: Oval, Round, Square, Diamond, Heart, and Rectangle. Knowing your face type will help you select frames that amplify your appearance.

2 Invest in quality glasses

Ryan Gosling's glasses are pristine and made with high-quality materials. When you get quality, they'll appear better on your face. But we understand that not everybody will have the budget to spend on glasses. So, at Dollger, we create affordable products made from the highest grade of materials and the most recent eye technology that is absent in most glasses. Dollger can make you look like Ryan without breaking the bank.

3 Go for classic styles with a modern twist

If you've studied Ryan Gosling, you will notice that most of his styles originate in the 20th century but with a modern twist. When shopping for glasses, prioritize timeless glasses with modern materials and designs.

4 Versatility

Versatility is key. Your eyeglasses should be suitable for both casual and formal settings. Ryan Gosling's choices seamlessly blend with various outfits. You can't call it a staple in your wardrobe only when it can complement different outfits.

5 Experiment

We love Ryan Gosling because he keeps redefining the trends, matching glasses with different outfits, and making bold choices. You're free to experiment to see what's best fit, and when you find it, don't hesitate to flaunt it. Who knows, you might be the next Ryan. But you must understand that being like Ryan Gosling doesn't end with selecting the right frames. It also entails attitude and confidence, making your eyewear a natural extension of you.


What stands out the most about Ryan Gosling is his ability to seamlessly blend glasses into his overall look. Fashionistas and fans alike, you've got everything you need to perfect the Gosling looks. As you learn about your face and keep experimenting, you must get quality glasses, and Dollger is here to give you the best.

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