Top 20 Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands

Top 20 Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands - MyDollger

Who doesn't want to wear sunglasses? Everyone wants to look stylish and fashionable with this iconic accessory. Sunglasses industry and its exclusive collections are ruling the word of fashion from past years. People buy sunglasses from expensive sunglasses brands for a reason. No other accessory holds the charm of rapidly driving everyone's attention. Besides, sunglasses elegantly catches attention and compliments your facial features. Only a slight face study is needed. Let's not deviate but find out what makes sunglasses expensive.

What Makes Sunglasses Expensive?

Brand collaborations and daily-spent dollars on advertisment is elevating this industry. Sunglasses instantly catch eyes and render the chic styling and taste of one's choice. Timeless and classy frames are so versatile that you can wear them for years and years. You can find normal lenses vs gradient lenses. Incorporation of vision correction whilst keeping the on-trend fashion drives sales of millions of sunglasses per day. Prescription lenses are available. So When limited edition, new features, comfortability, and technology are interwoven along. These factors produce – avant-garde expensive sunglasses brands. Let's study them in detail.

Luxury brand

Following are the points that make any brand– a luxury brand

Limited Access/Brain Prestige:

It might sound like an exaggeration but brands define style. Cheap sunnies are often found on every eye. Have you ever noticed the instant vibe match? Whenever you find someone listening to the same underrated artist you adore? Exactly. The taste of glasses is what defines your personality. It tells alot about your persona. The limited access grants you the fashion statement. Get yourself on the first row of red velvet by picking up an exclusive eyewear. Be sure of the quality, style, and exclusivity of the expensive sunglasses brand you're purchasing. Limited quantities and exclusive designs of these frames justify the higher prices of these expensive sunglasses brands.

Crafted Designs:

The frames from expensive brands offer durability, comfort, and style along with designs. These crafted designs are especially made to fit specific face types. Visual appeal with elegant styling is what creates a statement. Incorporation of high-quality materials in intricate creative ways highlights the innovations of new designs. Cutting-edge designs, unique shapes, and ability to accentuate several face types enhance the sales of expensives sunglasses brands.

Excellent Customer Service:

Luxury brands are luxury because of their commitment to excellence. Superior quality, excellent craftsmanship, and strong emphasis on rarity is done. Expensive brands do whatever they can to associate high-end material, attention to detail, and a good reputation. They drive their sales strategically. Incorporation of feedback and sales of certain expensive sunglasses brands emphasize the functional and aesthetic utility of that pair. 

Rare materials

Quality Lightweight Material:

Brands like RayBan, Dior, and Versace offer glasses for long-term. Their costs might be high. But they are justified. The stainless steel, titanium, acetate and other quality materials tend to be expensive. But the glass frames derived from these sit perfectly on the nose. These high-quality materials are expensive and difficult to work with. It requires high costs to craft glasses out of them. Also, the lenses also have types.

CR-39 is a plastic polymer that enhances visual clarity. It also offers optimal vision correction. Crystal Glass and CR-39 are used by top-notch expensive sunglasses brands. They maintain the longevity of your glasses with these scratch-free lenses. Local brands provide glasses made of aluminium and plastic. Which cannot maintain their charisma for the long-term. So brands are a superfine choice even with their high-costs!


The best part about expensive sunglasses brands is they constantly upgrade. Constant innovations and technology integration in those lightweight frames give you the clearest view of the world. The relief these frames provide with their high-tech means and polarisation keeps your eyes far away from exhaustion. Expensive sunglasses brands do not rely on acrylic but use injection-molded polycarbonate lenses. Their durability, acuity, and comfortability is premium in all aspects. UV400 protection blocks 100% UV rays.

Additional Features:

Polarised lenses and complete UV blockage is offered. Yes. The ability of expensive sunglasses brands to provide 100% UVA and UVB rays. Another thing is polarised lenses. Polarisation effectively ensures the blockage of deflected lights. This works as a sunscreen and filters out light for you to visualise clearly. There are also additional features like built-in speakers to hidden compartments. This makes your expensive brand sunglasses versatile with modern and contemporary touch!

Top 20 Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands

1. Ray-Ban: 

Who doesn't want to say yes to iconic styling? Ray-Ban is a luxury American eyewear brand. It offers nothing but classic and contemporary frames with a comfortable frame. What sets Ray-Ban apart is its choice of high quality material. The limited edition frames provide plenty of designs, shapes, and sizes. The most famous of this brand is wayfarer and aviator sunglasses. The incredible Ray-Ban is the number one expensive sunglasses brand loved by people all around the globe!

2. Oakley:

Oakley – pioneer in high-tech glasses. It's a brand made for wearers who's fabulousness ordinary sunglasses can't handle. The spectacles, sunglasses, and goggles are made of O-material. This lightweight O-material of Oakley is dust-resistant, sweat-proof, and moisture-free. Let these Oakley sunglasses conquer your fashion-conscious aura!

3. Gucci:

Gucci offers top-of-the-line glasses with expert craftsmanship of experienced artisans. Each pair of glasses requires special attention. The seamless fixing of each piece contributes significantly to durability and aesthetic appeal of Gucci eyewear. This high-end brand stands out in terms of fabulousness and splurging luxury!

4. Persol:

Premium quality with intricate detailing is offered here with Italian artistry. Persol glasses effortlessly became the influential luxury expensive sunglasses brand. Their durability and authenticity has given them several loyal customers.

5. Prada:

Prada is the part of fashion-enthusiast’s wardrobe arsenal every season. These high-quality, technological designs with innovative frames are brilliant. A wide range of colours and silhouettes from Prada are available.

6. Carrera:

Carrera sunglasses

Carrera sunglasses with hundreds of dollars – are these worth it? Yes. How seamlessly they integrate technology in frames is yet to be studied. So these frames are totally worth it.

7. Oliver Peoples:

Oliver Peoples

Much-loved eyeglasses from Oliver Peoples are epitome of classic cool. These glasses are precisely crafted. Their attention to detail and excellent styling makes them a perfect choice for fashion-enthusiasts.

8. Tom Fordes:

Tom Fordes sunglasses

Tom ford's offer glasses that are featherweight. It also offers modern glamour, seamless fusion of contemporary and traditional designs with luxuriance.

9. Jacques Marie Mage:

Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses

This one is renowned for its iconic style and phenomenal craftsmanship of designs. The timeless elegance of Jacques glasses make these pair a symbol of fashion and elegance!

10. Randolp:

Randolp sunglasses

Forget mediocre brands and get your hands on Randolp eyewear. Everlastingly fabulous and on-trend frames with reliance and durability interwoven. 

11. Cra Eyewear

Cra Eyewear has maintained its distinctive identity. The high-quality frames with vibrant colours and a wide variety of shades in gradient lenses make this eyewear one of the expensive sunglasses brands.

12. Dior:


It wouldn’t be a lie to say dior – the synonym of glamour. Each frame tells a story of rock n roll aesthetics. You can find a variety of subtle and sleek stainless steel frames alongside with plastic gradient sunglasses.

13. Armani Exchange:

Armani Exchange

Armani and the commitment to match the aura of exclusivity is remarkable. Iconic styling is coupled efficiently with quality lenses here.

14. Cartier:

Cartier glasses produce lifestyle statements with durable materials of lenses and frames matching the enduriing personality of its wearer.

15. Bulgari:


Bulgari wraps luxury with fashion-forward designs of its eyewear. The ability to transcend trends is the phenomenal pointer of Bulgari including it in the list of expensive sunglasses brands. 

16. Dita:

Dita is committed to opulence. This expensive sunglasses brands commitment is evident in its bold frames and charismatic designs. 

17. Dolce And Gabbana:

Dolce and Gabbana wrap their eyewear with the brilliant touch of opulence. They have refined eyewears encapsulate Italian glamour, bold designs, and luxurious embellishments.

18. Chanel:


Chanel glasses break mediocrity. These glasses have lenses that are on-trend and free of distortion or imperfections. Their decadence and sophistication shines through its magical frames.

19. Versace:


Versace offers lightweight and durable eyewear of premium choice. Their glasses contribute expensive sunglasses brands by combining style and luxury. This blending offers chic-sophistication!

20. Cutler And Gross:

The fashion statement making gets easy with this expensive brand of sunglasses. These frames from Cutler and gross exude electic luxury. The iconic motifs and extravagant designs make them unique and artistic with precision.

Conclusion (Excellent quality at an affordable price: Dollger)

It's understandable. Your concern with the high prices is justified. If you're still brand-conscious and want your frames to match the expensive sunglasses brands. Visit Dollger. Not only Dollger promises to meet the high-quality and elegant sunglasses but budget-friendly prices too. Yes you're hearing it right. With the same polarisation of tech-integrated CR-39 lenses, durable frames of non-fading stainless steel, and longevity with the exact charisma. Expensive brand sunglasses aren't only heavier in pockets. The materials used like stainless steel, titanium, acetate breaks with one fatal drop. The glass cracks if you stumble upon something. If you're not clumsy. And keep your eyewear near and dear, then go for brands. But if you're always in a haste and hurry. These glasses are clearly not for you. So, what else is there? Want to know? then find out.

Best Alternative For Expensive Sunglasses Brands:

Why embrace the tough job of babysitting a pair of sunglasses? It's not about the high cost but the certain aspects. There are certain criterias that guarantee the longevity, reliability, and validity of a pair of sunglasses. Let's see what Dollger offers as an alternative for expensive  sunglasses brands.

Why Dollger Is The Best Sunglasses Brand?

There's no need for you to shell a vast amount of money for anti-reflective, anti-glare, and polarisation properties. Good quality photochromic lenses fames with pocket-friendly prices are there at Dollger. So, what's the point of buying these sunglasses for 500$ that are available at Dollger’s in 20$? Let's find out why dollger is the best sunglasses brand and what it offers!

1 Embedded UV Protection:

Sun protection is crucial. You need to make sure if your eyewear is UV protected or not. Don't worry. The glasses provided by Dollger are UVA and UVB protected. Previously, these lense were tinted with UV protection. But 100% shielding is rendered through the embedding of those blocking into the lenses. This way elevates your tech-savvy style without purchasing from expensive sunglasses brands.

2 Durable And Safer Frames:

You know what's exciting about Dollgers frame? Their durability and reliability all along with aesthetics. These frames sit on your nose with no red spots. These aren't made like glasses from expensive sunglasses brands. As that of steel, titanium, or acetate, that breaks easily. Local brands use nickel to craft their frames. This often causes allergies or rash on skin. The high-quality acetate frames with plastic wraps offered by Dollger frames gives you the same costly vibes with comfort and convenience.  The best part is that these frames contour the face shape and compliment your facial features. So, go for comfort without compromising on the style and elegance with Dollger!

3 Lens Properties:

Dollger provides lenses that block all the UVA and UVB rays for you. This also provides additional polarisation to lenses. Polarisation makes sure you drive and do outdoor activities safely. It works like sunscreen for your eyes. This ensures clear vision whether you need correction for farsightedness, nearsightedness, as well as astigmatism. Not only this. Dollger also provides mirror, anti-reflective, and anti-glare properties to lenses. These budget-friendly glasses are scratch-free and hydrophobic. This enhances the long-term efficacy of stylish Dollger frames!

4 Premium Customer Satisfaction:

What allows Dollger to stand out is its credibility. It goes and extra mile to meet the customers expectations. The customers are relieved hearing they can adjust the frames if they do not fit their face type. The assurance of customer satisfaction through return and exchange policy makes this brand outstanding. Let's be honest, what is more good than having a customer-centric approach? Dollger is a successful eyewear brand. Its prompt and positive customer service is notable. Assistance is readily fostered and buying experience is enhanced with long-term satisfaction!

5 Crafted Designs:

The exclusive designs and craftsmanship of Dollgers designs lightweight designs. These sunglasses creep elegance and sophistication from every inch. The lightweight lets your nose feel like it's on vacation with Dollger sunglasses as travel agents. The crafted designs match every outfit and look cool whether you're driving, on a beach or a formal meeting. Let Dollger push the boundaries of aesthetic innovation for you to access the latest trend and avant-garde expensive sunglasses brands styles at cheaper prices!

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