The Secret Behind Kendall Jenner's Sunglasses Style

The Secret Behind Kendall Jenner's Sunglasses Style

Kendall's effortless aesthetic is a mixture of high fashion, leisure wear, and of course a stunning pair of sunglasses. Her eyewear is straight out of a 2000s magazine, frames her face, and brings a playful look to her outfits.

With a long career as a fashion icon, it's understandable that you'd want to know how she achieves these looks. What glasses brands does she prefer? And do these styles fit your face?

In this blog, you'll explore all about Kendall's iconic looks and her sunglasses. Additionally, you'll discover how you can find frames that suit you and embody her style.

Who Is Kendall Jenner?

Who Is Kendall Jenner?


Model. Socialite. Influencer. Businesswoman. Actress. Kendall Nicole Jenner is a renaissance woman. She dabbles in multiple industries, from fashion shows via her Elite Model Management agency to liquor sales through her 818 Tequila brand.

Kendall has always been in the spotlight, starting from her appearances in the reality TV show: “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. For 20 seasons, she featured in this show that detailed her and her family's life.

Though much of her fame comes from being the daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, she didn't sit on her family's laurels. Over the years, this socialite has featured in music videos such as Stuck with U by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Additionally, she took on small roles in series and films such as the 2018 Ocean's 8.  

As a teenager, she began her journey towards fame as a model. By age 14, she made a name for herself in fashion as she modeled designer outfits in New York, Paris, and  Milan fashion weeks. In fact, Forbes named her the highest-paid model in 2017. She even won several Teen Choice Awards. This influencer has also branched into skincare and fragrances with her brand ambassadorship at Estée Lauder.

Moreover, Kendall is a style icon. From her teens, she walked red carpets with high couture outfits that inspired her generation. Lately, a particular part of her style has been her sunglasses.

Though she doesn't typically wear them on red carpets, paparazzi often photograph Kendall in them. Plus, they're a common accessory in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

What Glasses Did Kendall Jenner Wear?

What Glasses Did Kendall Jenner Wear?


Kendall Jenner has no loyalty to a specific brand of glasses. She has worn sunglasses from Balenciaga, DMY, Gucci, Le Specs, Prada, Oliver Peoples, Velvet Canyon, Givenchy, and Salt Optics. However, there's a common theme in her style of glasses.

In particular, she wears sporty sunglasses. These tend to have a wide rim yet are fairly small. They also have wraparound frames with thick arms at the temple. For instance, there's the DMY by DMY black pair. These sunglasses have a thick black acetate frame and brown lenses. This is a clear Y2K comeback, and it's not the only one.

Typically, She wears large and round or geometrical sunglasses. For example, there's a pair with a tortoiseshell thick frame from Le Specs. These bold shapes and colors make her stand out even when she's just stepping out of her house.

Kendall Jenner's Iconic Look

Kendall Jenner's Iconic Look


Fans know this model for her high couture appearances, but that wasn't always her style. Originally, she wore a lot of form-fitting, cute outfits. For example, her structured yet fun ensemble she wore for the 8th Teen Vogue Young Hollywood.

Through the years, she retained her slim, form-fitting outfits even as her style increased in class. For instance, her 2013 The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection attire screamed high fashion. The next year, the high fashion dress she wore for the Met Gala and MuchMusic Video Award echoed this evolution in style.

However, her style isn't just what's on the carpet. Paparazzi often catch Kendall in laid-back leisure wear paired with an element of high fashion and her signature Y2K sunglasses. With these outfits, she shows that she's unafraid to break boundaries yet stays true to her style.

More specifically, Kendall prefers the following Y2K styles of glasses:

  • Sporty: This eyewear has a glassy plastic frame, thick rims, and a wraparound profile. They're on the smaller end of the spectrum of size for glasses. However, their thick rims give them some weight.
  • Oversized: She also wears chunky sunglasses. Some are round with bright colors, while others are black and square.

The History and Origin of the Kendall Jenner Sunglasses

The History and Origin of the Kendall Jenner Sunglasses


This top model typically wears Y2K sunglasses. As the name suggests, they're a collection of statement glasses from the 2000s. The most striking elements of eyewear of this period are the futuristic aesthetics they create through:

  • Metallic Accents: Silver and gold frames were popular in the era. However, these colors weren't only in the frames. The lenses themselves could have a metallic sheen.
  • Bold Colors: Y2K sunglasses often had tinted lenses. In fact, the colors were a wide variety, from baby pink to bright blue or even a mixture. And that striking choice of color is also true when it comes to the frames.
  • Interesting Shapes: These types of eyewear had a variety of shapes. For example, there's the single large lens of the shield sunglasses and the smaller frames with a sporty look. There were also oval, geometric, and cat-eye frames. When creating these glasses, companies also played around with the thickness and placement of the frames and whether to even have rims around the lenses.

What Face Shape Looks Best with Y2K Sunglasses?

Since the 2000s had so many styles of sunglasses, there's surely something that'll fit your face and style. What you need to look for is balance. Your face shape should contrast the glasses.

For instance, if you have a round face, you should wear geometric or rectangular eyewear. And if you have a strong jaw or otherwise square face, you should use round or oval frames to soften your features. Alternatively, you could use the glasses to draw attention to some of your features. For example, you could use cat-eye frames to bring attention to your sharp cheekbones.

As for the types of glasses Kendall wore, there's a wide variety. You only need to pick what best balances your face. And don't be afraid to try out different colors and shapes! After all, this style is all about making a statement.

Here are the sunglasses styles this influencer wore and which face shape fits them:

  • Oversized and Round: These glasses fit best a square, rectangular, or diamond face since they'll bring some gentleness to your features.
  • Sporty: Since these glasses have some roundness to them, even when they're more rectangular, anyone can wear them. Though they're emblematic of the 2000s, so long as you wear them with confidence, they'll suit you.
  • Oversized and Square: You should wear these accessories if your face is round, heart-shaped, oval, or oblong. These square glasses will bring structure and definition to your features.
  • Geometric: Rounder faces will benefit from this type of glasses. However, people with straight eyebrows, strong jaws, and sharp cheekbones can also use them to accentuate their features.

The Inspiration Brought by Kendall Jenner Sunglasses to Dollger

The Inspiration Brought by Kendall Jenner Sunglasses to Dollger


This top model is part of the 2000s-style comeback of sunglasses with chunky rims. Though she wears a variety of glasses, their bold shapes and distinct Y2K style are through-line in her aesthetic.

Typically, Dollger honors her tastes with their retro-sunglasses. Their beech color version has the classic sporty shape, though it's a bit more rectangular than oval. The rim around the lenses is chunky and has silver accents. Additionally, the lenses are dark gray ― perfect for sunny outings.

However, if you want a bolder frame, you should go with the walnut version. These sunglasses keep the shape of the eyewear Kendall prefers in multiple colors. The frames are a brighter brown than the beech version. Plus, the lenses have a green tint that contrasts well with the frame. There are still metallic details on the rim near the lenses.

Finally, the most iconic of the three Dollger pairs is the sandalwood. You'll channel Kendall's bold Y2K style with these brown and green frames. While the arms are a dark brown, the rims have a striking green color against which the metal accents stand proud. The lenses also have a gray tint.


Kendall Jenner's sunglasses style, reminiscent of the 2000s, combines high fashion with casual wear. These sporty sunglasses with thick rims and bold colors have become her signature accessory. Over the years, Kendall has evolved her style from form-fitting outfits to a more sophisticated look, always accompanied by her iconic eyewear. These sunglasses suit various face shapes, from oversized and round for square faces to geometric frames for round faces. Brands like Dollger offer retro-inspired designs influenced by Kendall's bold Y2K style. Overall, Kendall Jenner's sunglasses have made a strong fashion statement; anyone can embrace her iconic look with the right pair.

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