The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Big Nose

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Big Nose

Everybody is obsessed with sunglasses. But what about finding the right pair that complements the various features? You cannot simply go and pick sunglasses expecting them to look good. Understanding the nuances of facial features is important. Stop asking why sunglasses don't look good on me. Find out what shape sunglasses for big nose softens the prominent features. Learn how they accentuate and proportionate your facial features. This way you'll love buying the sunglasses and wearing them too. The best sunglasses for a big nose at Dollger ensure your overall look seems unique and stylish. Read further and find out how to proportionate your big nose with sunglasses!

How to Determine A Big Nose?

How to Determine A Big Nose


You don't need to hide in burrows with that little insecurity like the past. Modern time allows you to chin up and pose your lack in the most charismatic way possible. You could get the sunglasses for big nose and see how easily they proportionate your big nose with the rest of your facial features. One thing you learned till this point is you cannot simply go, pick a shade and expect it to go well with your features. Your face features, skin tone, the size of the frame, the lens colour, shape as well and the material of the lens are significant. 

What Are The 3 Best Sunglasses For Big Nose?

The last thing you want to do with your sunglasses for big nose will be to accentuate or draw more attention towards it. Choose the best sunglasses for big nose like square, retro aviator, and oversized round wisely and see how they diminish and proportionate your big nose. The patterned frames in darker shades tend to hold all the eye. It makes it look like you have a button nose. Get yourself in luck and know which frame to pick up. Sprinkle the pinch of confidence and embrace your big nose with fashion, elegance, and opulence with the best sunglasses for big nose.

Square Sunglasses: 

Looking for a way to spice your face with a big nose? Metal square sunglasses from Dollger are the right fit. They look delicate and elegant on faces, especially with big noses. The versatility of this frame with the lower bridge is what lets your big nose look downsized. The lightweight, comfortable, and sleek metal frame sits adequately on your big nose. So sprinkle a fat sleek top with sophisticated hinges and dark lenses. Unlike the rest of the eyewear designers, Dollger creates designs that perfectly fit a certain face shape. Let these square sunglasses efficiently elongate your face and give a slimmer look to your face!

Retro Aviator Sunglasses:

The infusion of the retro aviator with a big nose is a duo that goes heavenly. The best part about this frame is it looks elegant whether you're at a casual event, office meeting, or throwing a party. The right strike of balance showcasing your features in a way that doesn't throw harsh impact is phenomenal. Retro aviator sunglasses for big nose is durable with low bridge and polarised lense giving 100% UV rays protection. Enjoy the rays without dimming the light of your eyes or feeling like your nose is the only part that is prominent on your face!

Oversized Square Sunglasses:

The exquisite fashion that you're looking for lies in oversized square sunglasses. The big nose can easily proportionate with this frame providing visual protection and shielding along with the classic styling. Buying a thick and oversized frame is the solution. So let this iconic and versatile choice be on your list next time you visit Dollger. Make your days extra harmonious with all the confidence sprouting out from your personality striking a balance perfectly between your oversized round sunglasses and big nose!

Should I Worry About My Big Nose? 

Should I Worry About My Big Nose

Having a big nose doesn't make you less pretty or even a bit ugly. Forget being ugly, big noses confer a character and uniqueness to your face. Every part of your face has been loved in past. The traits and features you possess are the ones that were loved by your ancestors. So your big nose is what holds the magnetism of standing out. A big nose rather than a conventional sharp, small or button nose leaves a memorable remark. Diversity is forever loved. Similarly, people with big noses appear magically attractive. Still, if you're unable to be convinced, then the best sunglasses for big nose are there.


Flattering with the best sunglasses for big nose


No accessories make you look as good as the confidence you wear. So if you still find yourself in a position where you can't embrace your big nose then fine. You can find the one that diminishes the size and fits on your face like it was built solely for it. There's a 100% chance of balancing your insecurity with the right-sized shades.  And no, you cannot look good in all the frames. Flattering with the best sunglasses for big nose and searching what shape sunglasses for big nose is necessary. Your facial uniqueness needs to be balanced with the right pair of frames. There's no shame in trying to look the finest. You owe it. We have gathered amazing tips on what shape sunglasses for big nose adding a touch of charm to your signature bigger nose. Let's find out!

Tips on How to Choose Sunglasses for Big Nose:

The art of pairing your big nose with the right sunglasses seems complex. It's as easy as ABC, 123. The nose you hate right now, you will love it looking so prominent with each right frame that you will wear. Consider the following tips to achieve a flattering look with sunglasses for big nose!

1. Say No To Round Frames:

Choosing a round frame while having a big nose is like calling a disaster yourself. Round frames tend to bring attraction towards your face. As a result, your already big nose gives the illusion of a bigger one. Emphasizing the size of the nose with a round frame needs attention. So go for a frame that is square or rectangular. It will hook the eyes on its size and its broad frame. Also, if you're stubborn with round frames, try an oversized round frame. The balance is achieved and a harmonious look is granted with oversized round/square-shaped sunglasses for big nose!

2. Small And Fragile Frames:

Going for small and fragile frames will make your big nose look like a bomb. So pick a frame that is wide and oversized. This will cover a large portion of your face and vouch for the small nose by drawing attention away. The big frames tend to look bold and go fantastic. This gives a more defined and balanced look adding a touch of subtlety even with a big nose!

3. Confidence:

No matter how good your nose looks. How well does the frame compliment your features? If you're unable to feel confident with it, there's no use. A huge part of looking good is style. It's not the dress that looks captivating, it's the wearer. With confidence and acceptance, you hold the power to change the way you look. Embrace your features. You might not find them attractive. Several others around you might look at you and wish for the same features. So whatever eyewear you wear, wear it with confidence and see how it blends perfectly with the size of your nose.

Shop the Best Sunglasses for Big Nose At Dollger 

Shop the Best Sunglasses for Big Nose At Dollger


The best part about shopping at Dollger is its staff and their understanding of facial features. Without having an understanding of facial features, you cannot find the best sunglasses for big nose. Even the colour of the frames changes the look. If you have a big nose and you're looking for sunglasses for big nose. Go with the one that is darker in shade. The depth it confers to your face will draw lesser attraction towards your big nose. Voila, there will be an illusion of you having a small nose. What else do you want? Let Dollger do the work. All you need to do is visit them and ask what shape sunglasses for big nose and they'll recommend the best stellar options with polarised lenses and metal hinge temples. 


Finding the best sunglasses for big nose is hectic. Either the frame would be too loose or too tight. Most of the time it ends up making your big nose look bigger than it is. So you have to know the rules. Watch out wisely for any of the frames that you like and find what shape sunglasses for big nose. Coordinating the features of your face with the frame you're picking does its magic. It creates a balance and softens the features that feel so harsh. Cheers to Dollger for allowing you to step into the world of confidence and self-expression with the best sunglasses for big nose!


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