Low Bridge Vs High Bridge Glasses

Low Bridge Vs High Bridge Glasses

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect glasses. One crucial aspect is your facial features: your head’s shape, size, and more. In this article, we’ll focus on the nose bridge height, which can significantly impact the comfort and appearance of your eyewear. In this article, we'll delve into the differences between low bridge vs high bridge glasses, helping you make an informed decision for your next pair.

What Is A Low Nose Bridge?

What Is A Low Nose Bridge?

A low nose bridge is when the top part of your nose, where it meets your forehead, is not very high or pronounced. This anatomical feature can affect the fit and appearance of eyeglasses, as traditional glasses might slide down or sit too close to the face. People with a low nose bridge often require specially designed eyeglasses, such as those with adjustable nose pads or a different frame shape, to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The term is often used in eyewear fitting and design to describe the variations in nasal anatomy among different people.

What Is A High Nose Bridge?


A high nose bridge is where the top part of the nose, between the eyes, is more elevated or pronounced. This feature is common in some people and can influence how glasses fit. For those with a high nose bridge, eyeglasses tend to sit higher on the face and are less likely to slide down. This anatomical trait provides more support for glasses, making them more stable with no need for additional adjustments like nose pads. In eyewear design, frames for high nose bridges often have different shapes or structures to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing functionality and style.

The Impact Of Nose Bridge Height On Glasses-Wearing

The Impact Of Nose Bridge Height On Glasses-Wearing

Next, in this discussion of low-bridge vs high-bridge glasses, let’s look at how your nose bridge affects how you wear eyeglasses.

The characteristics of high nose bridge and the effect of glasses-wearing

Characteristics of a High Nose Bridge:

  1. Elevated bridge position: The bridge starts higher on the nose, closer to the forehead.
  2. Pronounced Structure: It is more prominent or raised than a low nose bridge.
  3. Sharp Angles: The transition from the forehead to the nose is often more defined.

Effects on Glasses-Wearing:

  1. Stable Fit: Glasses tend to sit higher and more securely on the face, reducing the likelihood of slipping.
  2. Less Adjustment Needed: Frames usually require fewer modifications, like additional nose pads.
  3. Frame Compatibility: Many standard eyeglass frames are designed with a high nose bridge in mind, making it easier to find well-fitting options.
  4. Lens Positioning: Lenses are better positioned for optimal vision correction since the glasses sit correctly on the face.
  5. Comfort: A high nose bridge provides natural support, often leading to greater comfort during extended wear.

The characteristics of low nose bridge and the effect of glasses-wearing

Characteristics of a Low Nose Bridge:

  1. Flatter Profile: The bridge is less elevated and closer to the level of the cheeks.
  2. Gentle Slope: The transition from the forehead to the nose is smoother and less pronounced.
  3. Wider Space: The nose bridge may appear broader and less defined.

Effects on Glasses-Wearing:

  1. Slipping: Glasses may slide down the nose more easily because of less natural support.
  2. Proximity to Face: Glasses may sit closer to the eyes and cheeks, which can affect comfort and cause lenses to fog up more easily.
  3. Frame Adjustments: Special adjustments are often necessary for a secure fit, such as adding nose pads or choosing frames with built-in support.
  4. Limited Frame Choices: Finding well-fitting glasses can be more challenging, requiring specific designs like Asian fit or low-bridge frames.
  5. Comfort Issues: Ill-fitting glasses can cause discomfort, such as pinching or pressure marks on the nose.

Low Bridge Vs High Bridge Glasses: Glasses selection for different nose bridge shapes

The suitable selection of glasses for people with low nose bridges differs from those with high nose bridges for reasons we already discussed. So, let’s discuss the eyeglasses suitable for each type of nose bridge.

High nose bridge

Suitable frame types

Almost all frame types are suitable for people with a high nose bridge. However, we suggest you opt for frames with saddle bridge designs. Frames like this have bridges shaped like a saddle (hence the name), which dispersed the weight of the glasses across your nose. This reduces the pressure points on your nose. You should also make sure to choose glasses with wide nose bridges to ensure they cover the entire width of your nose.

Selection and adjustment of nose pads

Adjustable nose pads are not strictly necessary if you have a high nose bridge, but they can still enhance comfort and customization if you choose glasses that have them.

Consideration of frame materials

  • Acetate Frames: These are lightweight and can be comfortable for extended wear.
  • Titanium Frames: Durable and lightweight, making them comfortable and long-lasting.

Low nose bridge

Suitable frame types

Suitable frames for people with a low nose bridge include those designed to sit higher off the face, providing more space between the lenses and eyelashes while preventing them from resting on the cheekbones. Look for frames with a narrower nose bridge and slightly curved temple arms for a roomier, comfortable fit. Universal Bridge Fit frames, featuring extended nose pads and wider curved temples, offer enhanced comfort and stability, ensuring all-day wearability.

Specially designed nose pads

You can also decide to go for specially designed nose pads. These nose pads typically fall into one of these categories; 

  • Larger nose pads that sit on the sides of the nose
  • Nose pads that are adjusted to prevent the frame from sliding down the nose
  • Thicker nose mount pads that elevate the frames and prevent them from touching the cheekbones

Consideration of frame materials

  • Lightweight Frames: Materials like titanium or lightweight acetate reduce pressure on the nose and enhance comfort.
  • Flexible Frames: These can conform to the shape of the face more easily, providing a better fit for low nose bridges.

Wearing comfort and adjustment techniques

Still on this discussion on low-bridge vs high-bridge glasses, let's look at ways to ensure comfort while wearing glasses if you have a high nose bridge or a low nose bridge.

Adjustment techniques for high nose bridges

People with high nose bridges don’t need to worry about their glasses slipping from their nose, so eyeglasses adjustment techniques for these people focus on ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for them. Here are some effective methods:

  • Choose glasses with adjustable nose pads. Adjustable nose pads make it possible to adjust the fit of the glasses on your nose.
  • Adjust the height and angle of the nose pads. Slightly spread the nose pads apart to sit comfortably on the high bridge without pinching.
  • Bend the temples to ensure they fit snugly behind the ears, preventing slippage.

Adjustment techniques for low nose bridges

Eyeglasses adjustment techniques for people with low nose bridges aim to improve stability and comfort. Here are some effective methods:

  • Use frames with adjustable nose pads and position them closer together to provide a better grip and prevent slipping.
  • Use non-slip nose pads or gaskets. Some glasses have anti-slip nose pads made from silicone. They allow for a firmer grip on your nose thanks to the friction they create with the skin on your nose. You can also buy these non-slip nose pads separately and replace the nose pads on your eyeglasses with them.
  • Select frames designed specifically for low nose bridges, such as Asian or universal bridge fit frames, which offer better support and a comfortable fit.
  • Choose lightweight frames to reduce pressure. Opt for lightweight materials and designs that disperse the weight of the glasses across the nose and face evenly.
  • Adjust the tilt angle of the frame. Slightly curve the temple arms to fit snugly around the ears, adding extra stability and preventing the glasses from sliding down.

What product can we help you with?

At Dollger, we have a range of customizable eyeglasses that can help you keep your steeze on a high even if you need eyeglasses. Our eyeglasses are suitable for people with low nose bridges and people with high nose bridges. So the argument on the pros and cons of low bridge vs high bridge glasses does not apply to our products. Check out some of our choicest picks. 

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Dollger Round Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

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Low-bridge and high-bridge glasses cater to different facial structures and personal preferences. By understanding the key differences and considering your individual needs, you can find the perfect pair of glasses that combine comfort, style, and functionality. Remember to measure your bridge, consider your face shape, and try on both styles before making your final decision.

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