How to Choose Glasses for Big Heads: Ultimate Frame Guide

How to Choose Glasses for Big Heads: Ultimate Frame Guide

Finding glasses for big heads is hectic. You might put on the entire variety of frames and still not be satisfied. It's because you're not picking the right piece.

What is the right piece exactly? Determination of face type before shopping for a frame is crucial. If you're randomly picking up glasses and expecting them to get along with your facial features, then it's a big mistake. In this blog, we suggest you find the glasses for big heads at Dollger at affordable prices and durable quality. Let your style speak volumes with eye-conic glasses for big heads!

What Is A Face With A Big Head?

Big head doesn't mean unconventional giant head. Big head refers to a face with a more prominent facial structure. If you seem to have a big forehead, with prominent cheekbones, and a more substantial jawline, then you have a big head. There lies a chance of you not liking your features so prominent and harsh. Don't worry. There's nothing you cannot solve with a pair of eyewear. Accentuate your face with glasses for big heads. These frames will accommodate the width and dimensions of your face. The wider frame will hold your facial features and not make them look exaggerated. The right proportion of longer arms of your temples and a suitable lens size will fit perfectly without looking too much or too less on your big face!

Why choose glasses for Big Heads? 

Do you think glasses merely correct your vision? Obviously no. Glasses are like hairstyles. They swap the look completely. So it's important to make specific considerations while choosing glasses for big heads. Mostly people with big heads go for rectangular frames. Which is fine, because it narrows the extra broad features and gives you a slim and sleek look on your face. Oversized frames also tend to minimize the exaggerated facial features of big head. Other frames with oval oversized shapes also draw attention away from your big forehead. Thick glasses are a way to go if you have a broad or big face. So, it's not very likely to go and shop glasses for big head. Study has to be done. Specific measurements and perfect proportions have to be provided. This will let your head have both comfort and flattering appearance enhancing your unique and special facial features!

Ultimate Guide: Specific methods for choosing large-head glasses 

Do you ever happen to think that glasses look small on your face? You can have a wider face than average. The small temples on your big face will hurt your head. The bridge will pinch your nose and ruin your comfort with a red mark. Is it so? Then you need to find a perfect big pair of glasses for a big head. The perfect fit will enhance your less prominent features and create a harmonic balance between your exaggerated features. Here's a Dollgers guide for you to find the best pair of glasses that perfectly sit on your face and let you feel your best. 

Here's what to consider while choosing glasses for big head:

Frame width

Finding the perfect frame width is important. The small frames will ache your head. It will also put constraints on your eyes and affect your eyesight. Not only this, but the frame width also does wonders for people with larger heads. Hold a stick behind both your ears. Let these sticks pop out on your face. Measure the distance between these sticks. Now choose glasses slightly bigger than the distance between these two sticks to not exert so much pressure. Forget the too much tightness and find out your ideal frame width. This way you will enjoy the perfect fit without broadening your facial features or causing discomfort!

Temple length

The temple length is the distance from the corner of your frame lens to the end of the temple arms. If you have a big face, then considerably your other facial features are also big. The right way to accentuate your look is through glasses for big head with the right temple length. Consider the circumference of your head. Check rightly if the temples are big enough to go all the way behind your ears. Small temples will cause itching and discomfort. It won't sit on your face. The extension of the temple of your frame behind your ear will give you a smooth, stylish, and comfortable look. 

Frame shape

The frame shape is more important than the frame shape. The frame shape also holds equal value in finding the perfect fit. A narrow frame is what makes your face look like a potato. Get this potato in shape with the right oversized frames. You can also opt for rectangular frames to avoid the maximization of your already enhanced features. Enhancing the look with glasses that have thick temples and frames also sounds fine and looks perfect. The bonus tip is to go for frames with deeper lens areas to provide ample coverage. Frame shape plays an important role. So avoid going for narrow, cat-eye, or small frames. These will disproportionate your choice of glasses for big head.

Frame material

You might think how important frame material would be for glasses with big heads? Hunh? The weight of the glasses on your nose is what defines the ache in your head. The frame material should be as lightweight as that of titanium or acetate. Comfortability is necessary. The durability is achieved with the help of a great frame material. Neither scratch the frame to fit your face. Nor sacrifice the look of your face. Enjoy the flexibility ensuring a comfortable fit. The right balance between frame width, material, size, and temple length translates to a comfortable, well-fitted, and stylish eyewear experience.

Things to note when choosing large-head glasses 

Let's dig deep into the essentials while choosing glasses for big head:

1. Measurements: 

All of the start, you have to take accurate measurements. This accuracy in terms of temple distance, width frame, and interpupillary distance helps you in finding the perfect glasses. Without finding the measurements of your facial features or dimensions, it won't be possible for you to get glasses for big heads. Either they would make your face look bigger, pinch your nose, or cause further vision impairment. So this part needs to be checked.

2. Frame Size:

Above we have discussed, that frame shape plays a significant role in shaping the large head. The large frame size minimizes the facial features by hiding the prominence of cheekbones with the deep lens area. The sufficient coverage through the thick frame helps achieve a well-balanced look with no exaggeration of your already big features. 

3. Adjustable Features:

Customization of glasses for big heads is provided at Dollger. It is what enhances the quality by adapting to the preferences of the customer. The variety of designs and features tailored according to customers' preferences adds unique contouring. It complements the large faces and ensures glasses are sitting adequately on your nose without causing discomfort.

4. Comfort And Style:

You cannot sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. Get yourself a frame that is highly comfortable, and affordable, as well as grants the same stylish look without leaving red marks on your nose!

5. Prescription Needs:

Okay, last but not the least. While choosing glasses for your big heads. Keep the eye prescription need in mind. Make sure the lens you're choosing, is either a single vision lens or a digital progressive lens. Whether it can accommodate the frame that you're picking or not. If you cannot find the right fit. Visit Dollger and find a variety of different glasses with lens adaptations as per your needs!

The size of the frame should match the interpupillary distance 

What is Interpupillary Distance?

Interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance between two pupils.

Noting this distance is important whilst making an eyewear choice. This distance guarantees the better quality of your vision. The optical center of the lens needs to be in correspondence with the center of your pupil. It makes sure that the lenses are sitting right at the front of the pupil without causing any distortion in your vision. This also ensures there's no eye constraint or irritability in your seeing. 

How To Measure Interpupillary Distance?

You can measure your interpupillary distance (IPD) yourself. Hold a scale from unit 0. Place it at the center of the right pupil. Read the measurement along the mm side when the scale coincides with the center of the left pupil. Note it down and make sure to consider it next time you visit an eyewear shop. The best results are achieved when an eye specialist measures it for you. So, shop at Dollger and let us measure every eye aspect for you to find the well-fitted glasses for big head.

Frame type should be selected based on power and astigmatism 

You have to find the right glasses for your big head to improve your vision. Let's find out the key features to notice while making an eyewear purchase based on power and astigmatism:

1.Thick Frames With Larger Lenses:

If you have a lens with greater power, then the lens is definitely thick. Opt for a thicker and larger frame as it will hold your lens more efficiently without causing any inconvenience in your vision. 

2. Frames With Larger Lenses:

If you're looking for a glass for astigmatism. Firstly, look at the cylinder and axis values in your eye prescription. Dollger suggests you go for a frame that is thick and holds a large lens. Astigmatism requires a focus on a broader field of vision. This is offered via frames with larger lenses. They provide adequate orientation to improve astigmatism as well as complement the facial features with its ample lens depth sucking up the extra-prominence of your exaggerated big head features.

Frame size should be proportional to the inter-pupillary distance. 

The proportionality between IPD and frame size needs to be accurate because:

1. Accurate Correspondence Of Optical Centres:

With accurate measurements of IPD, the frames align accurately with the pupils. This provides clear, focused, and strain-free vision.

2. Binocular Vision:

The binocular vision consists of each eye merging its clear and focused image. Frames that match your IPD use your both eyes coordinately and grant a natural visual experience through its lens.

3. Reduced Distortion:

Frames that do not match your IPD distort vision. The changed magnification and prismatic effects ruin your vision with frames. Well, the visual clarity is effectively enhanced with the use of frames that match your IPD.

4. Comfort And Adaptation:

When there's less strain and distortion in the eye, the eye relaxes with perfectly aligned lenses and frames. There are no headaches, discomfort, or eyestraining with frames matching your IPD. 

5. Broad Field Of Vision:

The broad field of vision offered through frames that align with the centre of your optical center provides visual clarity, broad vision, as well as optimal field of view.

Frame type should be chosen based on prescription and astigmatism. 

You must make decisions based on your prescription and astigmatism. You can improve your vision by choosing glasses for big heads that align with your prescription. This thoughtful consideration will consider your powers of astigmatism. Once it is measured and kept in note, the vision granted will be accurate with the comfortable and stylish appeal of the lenses.

If you want to know more about How To Read Your Glasses Prescription? You can click the link and see our post, there are detailed steps on how to read and understand your prescription glasses.

How can Dollger help you? 

Dollger Glasses is serving the best frames to its customers. The frames are provided based on your face shape, and type, and after accurate measurements of your IPD. The range of styles and variety of designs along the frames fitting your face are remarkable. The best part about shopping at Dollger is its ability to meet comfort and reliability all along with style and trends. The UV-protected and anti glare properties blended with certain adjustable features in the frame allow Dollger to outshine the rest of the eyewear. Explore the website today and find out how we match your prescription needs and provide the best frames in the whole town!


Choosing an eyewear requires an appropriate amount of consideration. The important features when choosing glasses for a big head are frame size, shape, temple length, interpupillary distance, etc. The choice of frames needs to be guided by the astigmatism, prescription, and power of the lens. The right alignment of lenses by matching the interpupillary distance enhances the quality of seeing things. Glasses for big heads are available at Dollger. Find out the perfect eye-conic match fitting your prescription and astigmatism today!

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