How do I measure my sunglasses?

It’s time to understand the different measurements of glasses. 

Did you know? Sizes are often marked on the inside of the temple.

Measurements are calculated in millimeters (mm). A good way to compare these measurements to your face shape is to measure the distance in between your temples. You can easily do this (or have a friend help) by holding a straight ruler to your face in the mirror. Most temple to temple measurements run from 5 to 7 inches long. The average for men is 5 ¾” (145 mm); for women it is 5 ¼” (133 mm) or 5 ½” (139 mm).

For those with smaller faces (4” up to 5” temple to temple), we recommend to purchase frame sizes up to 50mm. 

Those who measure between 5” to 5.5” temple to temple will want to go between 51mm and 55mm.

Finally, 5.5” and above shouldn’t get frames smaller than 56mm. 56mm and above is your best bet.

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