History Of Brow line Glasses: Are Malcolm X Glasses Trendy?

History Of Brow line Glasses: Are Malcolm X Glasses Trendy? - MyDollger

The fascinating history of browline glasses has Malcom in it. Malcolm was an influential figure who was known for his stiffness and bravery. His physical charm was so blended with his well-groomed styling and a specific frame type. They were brow frames, also called Malcolm X glasses. The reason for this name Malcolm X glasses was because their popularity peaked during the 1950s and 1960s. The seamless formation of these glasses with plastic caps and brows along with metal parts seems cool. They are durable and form a solid structure that fits all face shapes, sizes, and types. Forget the vintage relic, the comeback of Malcolm X glasses in the 21st century is iconic. The seamless transition of these glasses has a retro vibe with contemporary flair.

Who is Malcolm X?

Malcolm x

Malcolm X is a prominent figure in American history. He was an African American Prime Minister and vocal advocate of human rights during the Civil Rights Movement. His personality was so influential. It remained a complex figure through the 90s. Malcolm X stood and cleared the line between black and white Americans. His efforts to remove racism and social welfare achievements made him an iconic figure. His charisma slowly crept with browline glasses also known as Malcolm X glasses. It was seen everywhere around the United States during the Civil Rights Movement. He also committed crimes and was disqualified for military service. He was under surveillance because of the right reasons. He stood firm and rigid for the African-American men who were beaten by police. From there he became a known figure among Americans. He led his tenure with fierceness and bravery and was assassinated by gunshots. It was told by New York Amsterdam News that no man should have this much power. 

Malcolm X’s iconic look

The bravery and fierceness of Malcolm X aside, he had an equivalent portion of angelic and satanic looks. He was widely known for his distinct and powerful physical presence. He stood 6 feet and 3 inches and swayed the fashion industry during the 90s with Malcolm X glasses. He weighed 80 pounds and was known as “powerfully built”. All thanks to the eyewear that complemented the charisma of his iconic personality. His mesmerizing handsomeness was not a single great thing about him. Malcolm X glasses played a pivotal role in shaping his influence yesterday and today. His bravery with his well-groomed and spotless appearance will be known every tomorrow. Because Gen-Z has shaken hands with Malcolm X glasses

Distinct Malcolm X Glasses

Malcolm X wasn't a prominent figure of the Civil Rights Movement only. He was an unwitting fashion icon who had distinct browline glasses known as Malcolm X glasses. He knew how to handle his supremacy. Malcolm X glasses left an incredible mark on the fashion eyewear industry. The revival of these vintage accessories in the 21st century is mesmerizing. Let's find out the reason why Malcolm X's glasses shaped his individuality:

1. Distinctive Style:

The best style is what stands alone. The reason why Malcolm X glasses are still a thing is because they were unique. Malcolm X, unlike other influencers, didn't opt for glasses already seen. He chose Sirmont frames and stuck by them. The elegance and sophistication these browline glasses brought to his face and outfits were remarkable. Somehow, his confinement to a single brand and shape became a trademark of his style. The bold and thick frame set his face on a meticulous showcase. A touch of class and strength was granted to his overall persona through his browline glasses.

2. Attention To Detail:

His public image was up to the mark. The brilliant choice of matching his eyewear with outfits was incredible. His signature style was known and adapted by the public who admired him. The intentional coordination of Malcolm X glasses with his outfits gave him distinction. He remained loyal to the Optical American Brand, especially the Sirmont model which was quite relevant and relatable to the broader public in terms of budget and style.

3. Stylish Class And Substance:

Malcolm was way ahead of his time. He understood the importance of projection. He also knew that to make a statement, he had to use his looks. What he did was phenomenal. He created a powerful image in the broader context with Malcolm X glasses. And then he blended it with his super amazing speaking skills. This strategic intention to iconic styling and substance wasn't a fashion statement. It brought immense strength, determination, and commitment to a cause.

4. Cultural And Brand Context:

His commitment to the Sirmont model demonstrated his loyalty to a specific brand. Besides, it gave him a consistent style. His strategic signature style reflected his persona as an intellect. His Malcolm X glasses became a symbol of his persona. The prominence of browline glasses had a Malcolm role in general. Because he opted for an accessory that was aligned with the fashion of his time. This way, the eyewear industry witnessed the popularity of browline glasses as a fashion statement of the 1950s and 1960s.

5. Media Viability:

The rise of television, radio, and media during the 1950s and 1960s left a lasting impact. Malcolm X was seen around wearing browline glasses. These Malcolm X glasses became associated with his influential personality. It was the media that attached the associated presence of Malcolm X with the iconic glasses of that time. It became a symbol. Now these glasses are experiencing a resurgence among the trendsetting Gen Z which sounds like a timeless appeal.

What Glasses Did Malcolm X Wear? 

Browline Eyeglasses Combination Vintage Style Eyeglasses

Malcolm x was thought of as a geek and political extremist. The intellectual and geek look can achieved easily through brow line glasses. Malcolm remained loyal to the Sirmont brand. This look and glasses became his signature style. Now these glasses are associated with Malcolm. Hence, the name Malcolm X glasses. Below we will discuss if we can rock our look with the same glasses. And if yes, where to find these glasses with a variety of styles and colors matching our preference and face tone?

Why Did Malcolm X Wear Glasses?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought about looking forever? How are some people so iconic that it gets tough for you to take your eyes off them? Well, notice them. There's some part of their styling that hooks you. Whether it's an accessory or an outfit. What grants Malcolm charisma is sunglasses. How? Well, it's obvious. Malcolm X glasses gave him power because they were right at his face. Glasses instantly let the audience create a perception. You must have seen celebrities and their public appearances. Have you ever noticed, the ones which you would tag as ‘perfectly styled’ and ‘well-groomed’ will be the ones with glasses? Agree or disagree, Malcolm X's glasses gave him a boost to his confidence. It wouldn't be wrong to say his eyewear shaped him. Malcolm X glasses gave him a brilliant low-key sense of power. The bowline glasses he opted for were what added him to the list of intellectuals and leaders of the time.

What Face Shape Looks Best With Eyebrow Line Glasses?

The best thing about these Malcolm x glasses is they are suitable for everyone. Regardless of whether you have a round or square face. They're going to fit like it's specially made for it. Forget your oblong face because these are made for you. The upper thick portions of these frames stick on your face without irritation. The frames rightly complement the facial features. The reason these bold and eclectic designs have made a comeback is because of variety. They are available in different colors and styles. The sustainable materials and customizable features of these frames resonate with Gen Z’s value and desire for uniqueness. Dollger is filled with customization of Malcolm X glasses. These contemporary fashion narrative frames hold modern, angular lenses as well as are available in thick or thin rims. Make a statement today with your versatile Malcolm X glasses from Dollger. Sophisticated yet edgy style is waiting for you at Dollgers!

Eyebrow glasses in the 21st century 

The revival of browline glasses known as Malcolm X glasses is through the courtesy of Gen Z. This remarkable resurgence is ensured with the timeless appeal and forefront fashion statement. Browline glasses are statement makers complementing the face in the right proportions. These timeless fashion glasses are becoming popular 

Factors That Influence The Comeback Of Brow line Glasses In the 21st century:

There's no doubt that browline glasses are a fashion staple. They revolutionized the fashion industry with their aesthetic and iconic frames. 

1. Vintage – Contemporary Flair:

The reason why Malcolm X glasses are a modern choice is because they were so popularized. The companies came up with innovative designs and styles. The unique versions of these brow line glasses became popularized versions among different wearers.

2. Pop Culture:

The radio, broadcasts, and television captured the conservatives and seniors wearing these glasses. Now the influence of pop culture ensured this signature style became a symbol of sophistication and elegance. The appeal of these glasses and flexibility ensured renewed interest of fashion-forward individuals in these glasses. 

3. Celebrity Influence:

It was the pop culture that contributed to the revival of these Malcolm X glasses. Is there anything cool on earth that Gen Z forgot to adapt? Similar is the case with these glasses. When they saw celebrities wearing these amazing brow line glasses. They reintroduced Malcolm x glasses as a new cool. 

4. Modern Design:

As soon as the popularity of Malcolm x glasses started increasing. Eyewear brands and companies went for new and exciting frames. This innovation and creativity modified these frames into hundreds of aesthetic versions with everlasting and new features. The demands of these glasses adapted to the modern taste. Now these glasses are blended with new shapes, sizes, colors, and customizable features that make them a fine choice for fashion enthusiasts!

5. Cyclical Fashion And Digital Trend:

There was a decline in the sales of browline or Malcolm x glasses in the late 20th century. But now they have redefined their arrival as sophisticated and elegant chic style glasses. This fashion cycle is celebrated by Gen Z through hashtags and online communities. Now these brow line glasses foster a global resurgence among fashion-conscious enthusiasts!


Malcolm X glasses were instantly embraced. They were suitable for every face type, shape, and size. The consequences were that many companies went for the production of these frames. After a brief period, they were all around. The perfect distinct frame of Malcolm x glasses was charming during the 1950s to 1960s due to Malcolm. But they are now again in trend during the 21st century. This is because individuals are seeking a timeless yet elegant look with glasses.. Dollger offers the Clubmaster frame holding the traditional brow line frame as well as Wayfarer sunglasses with a changed browline offering a visibly changed look!

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