Had A Dream About Broken Glasses Last Night? 6 Possible Meanings & Interpretations You NEED to Be Aware of (Not Just Bad Luck!)

Had A Dream About Broken Glasses Last Night? 6 Possible Meanings & Interpretations You NEED to Be Aware of (Not Just Bad Luck!)

So you woke up to the common dream of broken glasses and rushed into Googling its meaning? You’re just in the right place. So, put your unbroken eyeglasses on and keep reading carefully because you’re in for some eye-boggling discoveries, although not necessarily pleasant.  

Why You Had a Dream About Broken Glasses?

Bad omen? Good news? An upcoming surprise? A severe blow ahead? Well…

A dream of broken glasses has a much deeper meaning, and to be specific, meanings. 

While dreams by nature are difficult to study science-wise, the spiritual method based on symbolism remains the most reliable method to find the hidden meanings of what we see in our sleep, it’s almost like they’re written in a secret code that only a deep understanding of dream symbolism will unlock it.  

Notably, dreams activate some in-sleep brain processes that do ‘match the psychology in some interesting ways,’ according to Benjamin Baird, PhD, a researcher at the Center for Sleep and Consciousness at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Thus, dreaming about broken glasses isn’t merely part of your sleep cycle – this one particular dream serves some other, more significant purpose in your real-life events. 

Unconscious desires, untainted wishes, shattered illusions, emotional vulnerability, an ongoing conflict, or a burning desire to fix problems, are all possible reasons behind the broken eyeglasses dream, especially if it’s a recurring dream that you keep having over and over again. 

Symbolic Meaning Of Glasses In Dreams: Vision!

Every object in our tangible world has an important symbolic meaning in the realm of dreams, which helps in understanding the deeper meanings, hidden clues, and even warning signs in the dream. 

As for eyeglasses, they’re a symbol of human vision, clarity, or perspective. Translating this into real-world language, having a dream of broken glasses means a major or minor distortion in your overall vision or perspective of the world will occur. 

It’s even more alarming if you see yourself wearing those broken glasses in your dream, which represent a current distortion of how you see the world and ongoing struggles to stay sane. 

In this case, you’ll need to do your part in maintaining your equilibrium by developing a new, better perspective on life. Once you're on the right track, those dreams should go away by themselves and stop your night terrors.    

6 Possible Meanings of the Broken Glasses Dream

You don’t want to turn a blind eye to this particular dream, as it carries some extremely significant meanings that could have a great impact on your life path. 

Below are the 6 possible physiological and spiritual interpretations of why you dream of shattered glasses: 

Warning of Illness

Because broken glasses are a symbol of vulnerability, it could mean that your subconscious mind is feeling alarmed, fearful, and anxious, and is trying to warn you of certain illnesses affecting your physical or mental well-being. 

In other words, your body and soul are crumbling at the moment and need to be taken care of ASAP. 

A Wakeup Call

Your vision or perspective about your life or a certain ongoing situation might also be distorted if you dream about shattered glasses. This is your mind signaling a necessity for opening your eyes and facing the truth that you might be running from lately. 

Or, it could mean that you’re unintentionally overlooking crucial details or not seeing something with the utmost clarity. Although the hidden truth may be difficult to face, it’s a sign that you have to do what it takes to disclose it. 

Bitter truth or sweet lies? Exactly. 

A Relationship Is Headed For Collapse

Broken glasses = broken relationships, broken promises, and broken hearts. 


Your romantic relationship or other important connections are on the brink of collapse. In dreams, any breakage occurring in eyeglasses could be your mind warning you of a collapsing relationship if you don’t hurry and make amends to the person for any past mistakes you’ve made.  

Don't fret – many relationships can be saved and restored even when they’re falling apart. “This is the time when there's nothing to lose," says Jessa Zimmerman, M.A., stressing the importance of getting brutally honest with those you love to revive a dying relationship.

Deep Insecurities

Shattered glasses in dreams symbolize your deepest insecurities, doubts, and fears.

You’re currently experiencing uncertainty about yourself regarding one or more aspects of your life. Whether it’s your professional skills, financial stability, physical appearance, or romantic life, it’s crucial to take that dream as a sign of a need to confront those emotions, acknowledge them, and identify their source. 

Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole to overcome inner fears and insecurities, affirm your own values, and embrace the awkwardness within you. As the saying goes, don't let insecure thoughts ruin something amazing.

Fear of Disappointment

Your subconscious mind translates your fears of being let down into a vivid dream of shattered glasses. And your emotional resilience is represented in how you feel during this event in your dream: terrified, distressed, worried, or just indifferent? 

Whichever your reaction is, take this as a strong sign to stop being too hard on yourself – start viewing mistakes as an unavoidable part of human reality, as unforgettable, precious lessons, and as opportunities to learn and grow through life. 

Bad luck

Bad omen is one of the most common interpretations of not just broken eyeglasses but also shattered glasses in general. Although it may not necessarily be your case, it’s wise to keep your eyes open for any unpleasant events taking place in your life and be prepared for the worst, still, hope for the best. 

Wake up, Your Glasses Broke In REAL Life! 

While people like making sense of their dreams, sometimes it’s just a dream that doesn’t really have any deep spiritual or symbolic meaning. Think of those times when you went to the toilet in your dream and felt so relieved, only to wake up to the nasty reality of wetting your bed in your sleep. 

So, guess what it could mean when you dream of broken glasses? Your precious pair of eyeglasses actually broke while you were sleeping all peacefully (yikes!)

This is a nightmare for any glasses wearer, which can happen mainly due to a poor-quality frame material that cannot handle that occasional pressure.  

So, next time you even think about ‘napping’ with your specs on, remember that they’ll be haunting you in your dreams as ugly-looking, broken ones. 

Unbreakable Glasses Do Exist (A Dream Come True!)

Quite literally, the frame material can make or break a pair of eyeglasses. 

It’s so easy nowadays to come across generic, poorly made frames that are all destined to be broken with minimal pressure. Luckily, the dream of acquiring a perfect pair of eyeglasses that are built to last has now become a beautiful reality, all kudos to the Dollger Square Tortoise Eyeglasses, AKA the most durable, comfortable, fashion-savvy, specs on the market! 

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Here are some more reasons to LOVE the Dollger Square Tortoise Eyeglasses

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  • Protective Lenses: Not only do these lenses block 100% of UV rays during the day, but they also reduce blue light exposure from smartphones, laptops, TVs, and even energy-efficient lighting. 

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The Bottom Line


There’s no need to panic – the best thing you can do about a dream of broken glasses is to first grasp the symbolic meanings of eyeglasses, gain a deep understanding of the possible interpretations of this dream, piece all that information together to understand what’s going on in your real life, figure out how to turn the tables in your favor, and leap into action. 

On the other hand, such a dream can just mean that you broke your own eyeglasses in your sleep and it’s just a reflection of this sad reality. The culprit? Too fragile frames that cannot survive a casual daytime nap. In this case, the only way out is to invest in a new, high-quality pair of eyeglasses that won’t give you broken glasses nightmares!

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