Bob Dylan sunglasses: Shades of the Legend

Bob Dylan sunglasses: Shades of the Legend

Bob Dylan, the music legend, was shrouded with so many controversies, and even his signature glasses were not spared. Dylan never came out publicly about his choice of eyewear, and it led fans and fashion aficionados into a wild goose chase, finding ways to recreate his looks.

Since the '60s many people have come up with different theories and opinions about Bob Dylan's sunglasses, but in all of these, we are certain that Dylan wore prescription sunglasses, and we are confident we have the glasses that can give you that Bob Dylan's charming and enigmatic personality. Join me as we discuss Bob Dylan sunglasses.

Who is Bob Dylan?

Who is Bob Dylan?


Bob Dylan is a name synonymous with musical revolution and cultural influence. He's a renowned musician and a powerhouse for pop culture for more than five decades. A Reddit user described Dylan as John the Baptist, the voice crying in the wilderness. His song challenged the status quo of social disorder and spoke to the heart of the generation with wit, anger, and authenticity.

His famous songs include The Times They Are A- Changin’ knockin' on Heaven's Door. And Blowin' in the Wind, a song that became an anthem for the civil rights movement in 1963.

Dylan has won many awards in his illustrious career, including the Nobel Prize in literature, 10 Grammy awards, The Golden Globe, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an award critics said he disrespected President Obama. Bob released 39 studio albums, over 145 million records worldwide, written over 500 songs, and collaborated with over 2,000 artists.

Beyond his lyrics and voice, Bob Dylan influenced fashion trends, particularly with his choice of sunglasses, hats, suits, and boots that became a part of his signature look. He experimented with different colors and styles and inspired many designers, fans, and celebrities to emulate him.

What Sunglasses did Bob Dylan wear?

This question is a subject of debate as nobody knows for certainty the exact brand he wore. However, we are confident that he wore prescription sunglasses. This is a video that attests to this fact.

In the interview, he was asked why he always wears black sunglasses. He replied that they were prescription glasses as he couldn't see very well. Then, he gave the interviewer the sunglasses to get a feel.

In 2010, Dylan gave an autograph to Pawns Stars; before he gave his signature, he had to put on his sunglasses to see the collection of his album presented to him.

Below is the video of that scene

Many believed Dylan's signature glasses were the Wayfarer's sunglasses, so he was nick-named Mr. Wayfarer. It looks like it was the first-generation Rayban. He bought it in Europe at his New Port concert in 1964.

The wayfarer glasses were designed by Raymond Stegman when he worked for Bausch & Lomb, a subsidiary of Ray-Ban. If you look at Bob Dylan's glasses, you'll want to believe the assertion as the shape is very similar, but on a closer look, they aren't.

Below are some of the differences between the Wayfarer glasses and Bob Dylan's sunglasses



Bob- Dylan's sunglasses

Hinge Position

Horizontal on the outer edges of the frontier

Vertical or no visible hinges

Exterior Bezel shape

Triangular and Vertically oriented

Different from the Caribbean

Overall Frame shape

Less tall, more cat-eye, slimmer, and more rectangular

Taller, boxier shape with large lenses

Notable appearance

Classic, Modern, well recognized

First documented with Dylan in 1964

General Structures

Less Boxy

Boxy in Structure

End-piece Shapes

Cat-eyed, without an undercut

Possibly have an undercut,[ sweep in and back out]


Ray-Ban [ Bausch & Lomb]

Not known

How Bob Dylan's choice of Sunglasses affected fashion?

Bob Dylan had a significant impact on fashion, especially in the 1960s. He affected not only the music industry but also other cultural spheres as well. Here's how:

  1. Iconic Status: As a music legend and cultural icon, Dylan was one of the leaders whose styles dominated an age. His sunglasses and other clothes choices became a representative or symbolic distinctive personality. This turned his style choices, such as eyewear, into something fans and fashion lovers looked to mimic.
  2. Boost to Specific Styles: His liking of what seemed to be Wayfarer-style sunglasses played a part in this design's popularity. Although the specific brand and model of sunglasses worn by Dylan is still shrouded in mystery, his link with a style resembling Wayfarers helped make this design nothing less than a timeless fashion statement.

The fact that people are still interested in Dylan's sunglasses decades after they became popular shows how influential he was in the fashion industry.

Are Prescription sunglasses good for the eyes?

Yes, they are. Prescription sunglasses offer more health benefits than the non-prescription or regular sunglasses. They are suitable for those with nearsightedness, short-sightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism; they are ideal for those with normal vision, especially If you drive a lot or spend most of your time outdoors, as they prevent headaches.

When outdoors, you're exposed to a good amount of UV rays, which can lead to macular degeneration, a prominent cause of vision loss in adults. Exposure to UV rays, particularly UV-B, can result in cataracts, a condition characterized by cloudiness of the eyes and vision loss.

According to Byrede Eye Clinic, around 20 percent of cataract cases can be prevented by reducing exposure of the eyes to the sun. WHO puts this statistic at about 17% of the world population. In the United States, 1 in 5 persons between 65 and 74 experience vision loss because of cataracts.

Also, over 50% of the population who are above 80 have a cataract or have had surgery. Prescription sunglasses with 100% UV protection are the best to keep your eyes protected. Aside from lens correction and protection from UV rays, prescription glasses help filter debris when you're outdoors. 

What sunglasses are the closest to Bob Dylan's sunglasses?

What sunglasses are the closest to Bob Dylan's sunglasses?


The Boardwalk Square Prescription Sunglasses are the closest alternative to the Bob Dylan sunglasses. The truth is, we may never be able to determine the exact brand of sunglasses Bob Dylan wore, but the Boardwalk Square Prescription is your best bet.

The Boardwalk Square Prescription Sunglasses are the closest alternative to the Bob Dylan sunglasses. It has the classic wayfarer design and the exact placement of rivets: a geometric shape, a thick frame, and a slightly tilted top rim like what Dyln wore.

They are made with acetate materials, making them adjustable and comfortable. Also, they are made with polarized glasses that protect the eyes from sun glare and light reflections on land or water surfaces. They also adjust to lighting levels and prevent contact wearers from squinting on sunny days. They are available in different colors.

The Broadway Walk prescription sunglasses will make you look cooler than you are. They are perfect for driving and will make you fashionable. Broadway prescription sunglasses are most suitable for those who find it challenging to find the right pair, especially those with large heads.

Faqs on Bob Dylan's Sunglasses 

Why did Bob Dylan always wear sunglasses?

Why did Bob Dylan always wear sunglasses?


Bob Dylan wore sunglasses for fashion and function. The sunglasses suit his looks and accentuate his facial features, giving off mysterious vibes. He wore sunglasses to improve his eyesight. Some believe that Dyan wore glasses to hide his eyes. They think the color of his eyes was red due to marijuana. However, we've seen Dylan take off his glasses and put them on to see the content of what was presented to him.

How do I know if prescription sunglasses are high quality?

The first thing to look out for is the UV label. Prescription sunglasses should be able to block 100% of UV rays and should have a UV filter of 400. You should also look at the frames and lenses; the frames should be durable and comfortable, while lenses should be scratch-resistant and should have an anti-reflective and polarized coating

Did Bob Dylan wear other sunglasses?

Yes, Dylan wore other sunglasses for public functions. He was spotted with a pair of Aviator sunglasses in 2012 when he received the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in America, from President Barack Obama. To get a feel of these sunglasses, check out Dollger Aviator-style sunglasses.

Where can I buy prescription sunglasses?

You can buy prescription sunglasses online or at the storefront. However, you must ensure that the vendor uses premium materials. If substandard materials are used, it might result in distorted vision, eye strains, and headaches. At Dollger, we manufacture our prescription sunglasses using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that glasses are durable and comfortable.


Finding the exact brand Bob Dylan wore will be difficult; that information has probably been lost in time. For those seeking Dylan styles, that alternative is to look for similar sunglasses with the wayfarer design, and the Square frame Sunglasses are your best bet.

Bear in mind that even if we couldn't point out the exact brand Bob Dylan wore, embracing the style he inspired is a nod to his influence in music and fashion.

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