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Who says you have to lose your fashion style because you’ve grown older? We daresay age is no barrier to fashion, and mature women can still exude sophistication and grace. You just need to embrace your unique style with a chic pair of eyeglass frames that complements your aura. In this article, we discuss the secrets to finding the ideal frames that helps you combine fashion and practicality seamlessly. Let's explore glasses styles tailored for the timeless elegance of mature women, proving that great vision and trendy style can coexist effortlessly. 

5 Things To Consider When Buying Eyeglass Frames

  1. Purpose 

If you’re going to buy a pair of glasses as an older woman, chances are you’re buying them for health purposes. Of course, you may buy eyeglasses purely for fashion, but at that age, you’ll most probably need bifocal eyeglasses for reading and near vision. This doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish glasses. There are several fashionable frame styles for you to choose from, ranging from solid frames to brow-line, and rimless frames.

  1. Frames Size

The most fitting frame size of glasses for older women are those that not too large nor too small. Large frames will overwhelm your face and smaller frames would also look odd, and they won’t complement your face properly.

  1. Color

Frame color is another important factor to consider when choosing the best glasses for older women. Ideally, you should opt for colors that make you younger than your age, but you don’t want to go for overkill. You can consider neutral colors like beige, blue, gray, and brown, but you don’t want the hue to be too deep. That’s because the cooler and more subdued the hue, the less youthful they make you look. Instead, you can try frames with brighter and warmer colors. If you’re indecisive about a specific color, you can opt for black frames. Black frames are sleek, stylish, and adaptable to all skin tones, dress colors, and face shapes. Another option is transparent eyeglass frames, which provide subtle sleekness and avoid attention. They also pair well with different outfits.

  1. Material

If you’ve been using eyeglasses  for a while, you would have realised the importance of having glasses made with lightweight materials. Lightweight frames are extremely comfortable, especially when you have to wear them for long periods. For example, frames have this aura of style and elegance, but they’re heavier. Meanwhile, rimless frames, especially those made with fibreglass, are usually very lightweight.

  1. Face Shape

When picking eyeglass frames, your face shape also matters a lot. There are different face shapes to consider. A round face has equal width and length. Oval faces are balanced, with a forehead slightly wider than the chin. A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a narrower chin. Lastly, a square face has strong angles in the forehead, jawline, and cheeks. Understanding your face shape helps you choose eyewear that flatters your features, making sure they fit just right. It's like a guide to finding glasses that suit your unique look and style.

Best Eyeglass Frames

Cat-Eye Glasses

We start with one of the most iconic eyeglass frames—the harlequin glasses, popularly known as cat-eye glasses. Cat-eye frames are among the most feminine fashion accessories ever, and they have been a symbol of the feminine energy for almost a century. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were seen sporting the frames in their heydays. Even though their popularity waned in the 90s and early noughties, they have had a major resurgence over the past couple of decades. For an eyeglass frame that makes such a statement, you may opt for neutral colors like black, white or beige. These colors match all skin tone and the black especially goes well with all dress colors, being a bit more subdued.

Face Shape For Cat-Eye Glass Frames

The best face shapes for cat eye glasses for older women are diamond, round, and oval face shapes. For the round and oval faces, the sharp angles of the frame offers a pleasant contrast to the roundness of your face, while for diamond and some other angular faces, the bold, curves adds a nice flair. They also make your face look younger by design.

Rimless Glasses

Another choice of eyeglasses you can never go wrong with is rimless glasses. This is one set of eyeglasses that offers you a trendy modern vibe. The rimless design also means all attention will be on the beautiful feature of your face, rather than the eyeglasses themselves. Also, thanks to the design, this may be the best choice if you’re not yet comfortable wearing eyeglasses, as the rimless design makes it easy for you to ignore its presence on your face. Another benefit is that there isn’t any form of constraints regarding the lens shape or size, since there are no rims. We recommend you opt for lightweight rimless frames with rounded lenses rather than angular. The rest of the frame should be steel as they offer better quality. In all, this is the best frame for you if you don’t want to draw attention to your eyeglasses.

Face Shape For Rimless Eyeglass Frames

Rimless frames are more suitable for people with oval or round faces because they give some angles to your facial features, adding balance to your overall features.

Round Glasses

Next up is one of the most popular women’s fashion accessory this year, round women’s glasses. Round glasses for older women are in demand because they are suitable for every occasion. Also, the frames can be made of either metal or acetate. This is one pair of eyeglasses that will make you appear up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Round frame styles have been around for decades but few appreciated them until now. There’s just something about round frames, especially those with thin frames, that just looks so chic and modern. As with most frames on this list, you can opt for black frames but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go for brighter colors like red or blue.

Face Shape for Round Eyeglass Frames

Round glasses are more suitable for ladies with square or rectangular shaped faces, because the round frames soften the angular features of your face. 

Bold Glasses

Big and bold eyeglasses have been around for a while, and have earned classic status among eyeglasses. Bold glasses usually have thick frames and large glasses, with a rounded bottom and a top that’s angled slightly upwards. One benefit of bold eyeglasses is their practicality and durability, which is why they’re perfect for everyday wear. Its angled top also gives your face a youthful silhouette by “lifting” your face. Thick acetate eyeglasses can also give your outfit a hint of edginess, which makes it a good choice of eyeglasses for older women. They’re available in different colors, so you can choose which best suits you.

Face Shape for Bold Eyeglass Frames

Bold eyeglass frames are particularly well-suited for people with square or oval face shapes. Square faces look good with the bold frames because of their sharp angles, while oval faces, which are more balanced in shape, can pull off a striking balance with the glasses for a stylish look.

Brow-Line Glasses

Brow-line glasses are getting really popular, especially among older women. These glasses have a thick brow bar that makes them look serious, making them a top choice for professional ladies. Most people like them in black because it's easy to match with outfits. Brow-line glasses are usually made from acetate, not metal. But they are made with strong quality so they won't easily break. The thick frames not only make them safe but also durable, while the acetate material ensures it remains lightweight. So, if you're an older woman who wants stylish and sturdy glasses, Brow-line glasses are the way to go!

Face Shape For Brow-line Eyeglass Frames

Brow-line glasses look great on people with round or oval faces. The thick brow bar adds balance and makes the face look stylish by adding a horizontal focus.

Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses are perfect for older women as they bring both style and practicality. The larger frames offer better coverage, shielding sensitive eyes from sunlight and reducing strain. The bold design also adds a touch of glamour, enhancing your facial features for a confident look. Moreover, oversized glasses can cleverly conceal fine lines and wrinkles, providing a subtle, fashionable shield against the signs of aging. These frames not only serve as a chic accessory but also offer comfort and functionality, making them an ideal choice for any older woman who prioritizes both fashion and eye protection in their eyewear.

Face Shape For Oversized Eyeglass Frames

Oversized eyeglass frames work best for various face shapes, especially round and oval. The larger frames add a stylish touch that balances the softer features of round faces and complements the natural contours of oval faces. 

Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses are a fantastic choice for older women, combining modern style with practicality. The distinct shapes, like squares or rectangles, offer a sophisticated and structured appearance that complements mature facial features. Also, geometric frames provide a subtle lift, drawing attention upward and creating a flattering effect. With a perfect blend of fashion and function, these eyeglasses not only add a contemporary flair but also offer a timeless elegance that suits the refined tastes of older women. Geometric eyeglasses also allow you to add a hint of individuality and personality to your outlook.

Face Shape For Geometric Eyeglass Frames

Geometric eyeglass frames, like squares or rectangles, look great on older women with round or oval faces. The clean lines and shapes add structure, complementing round faces and enhancing the balanced look of oval faces for a stylish appearance.

Clear Frames

Clear glasses are a chic choice for older women, offering a subtle yet fashionable accessory. The transparency of the frames provides a light and airy look that complements various styles. Oversized clear frames, in particular, add a touch of modern elegance, giving older women a sophisticated appearance. Beyond style, the larger frames offer enhanced visibility and a broader field of view, making them a practical and trendy choice for those who value both fashion and functionality. They’re versatile enough that you can combine them with different outfits. This is one frame shape that will make you look youthful and trendy.

Face Shape For Geometric Eyeglass Frames

Clear glasses look good on different faces, especially round and oval. The see-through frames add a stylish touch, matching round faces and enhancing the natural shape of oval faces for a modern and flattering look.


Discovering the best glasses styles for older women is like finding a perfect match between looking good and seeing clearly. Your eyeglasses can be a stylish expression of who you are, adding a touch of elegance. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, the right frames can make you feel fabulous no matter your age. It's not just about seeing better; it's about celebrating your unique style and experience. So, choose glasses that not only help you see well but also make you feel confident and timeless in your own way.

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