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by Bella Xiao 05 Jan 2019

If you are on the search for sunglasses you may have seen a phase pop-up when searching “Asian Fit”. Although this may seem self-explanatory you may be misinterpreting what exactly Asian fit means.

Asian and regular fit sunglass frames have some key differences, specially designed to accommodate the different needs of individuals, looking for comfortable sunglasses that fit them well.

What is Asian Fit?

Asian fit is a debatable term used by the eyewear industry to describe sunglasses that are made for people with lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones. Individuals who have these facial features — often times Asians (hence the name) – find it difficult to wear traditional sunglasses because they tend to slide down their noses and rest on their cheekbones. Asian fit sunglasses are designed to specifically tackle this problem to guarantee that people across the different range of face shapes can enjoy different styles and cool frames.

About Asian Fit Design

There are four ways to make a pair of sunglasses more complementing to people with short nose bridges and higher cheeks. These changes include flattening of the frame, narrowing of the nose bridge, enlarging nose pads, and changing the temple curvature. While flattening of the frame can help decrease the weight of the glasses, the other structures work to make sure the sunglasses can stay straight.

With the explosion of different face shapes, many eyewear companies are progressively adding an Asian fit model to their classic designs. It’s important to note that even though the label seems to suggest that these sunglasses are only suitable for Asians, that is in fact not the case. Anyone with flatter noses and higher cheeks can benefit from wearing Asian fit sunglasses.

Asian Fit: Nose Bridges

The Asian fit sunglasses sport nose bridges which have been specially designed to be narrow and deeper, than the regular sunglass fit frames. This serves as an ideal for individuals who have difficulty in finding the perfect fit in their sunglass frame.

The Asian fit nose bridges are also provided with longer nose mount pads, which ensure maximum room for adjustment and accommodation while being used by individuals. The Asian fit nose pads also sport specifically designed nose pads with special sizes, which facilitate in adjusting the sunglasses higher on the nose, which ascertains the comfort of the users, while regular fit sunglasses do not offer this feature.

Asian Fit: Ear Stems 

The Ray-Ban Asian fit sunglasses have specially designed ear stems to better fit the individual. The ear stems are more rounded, which better accommodates the shape of the head of the user, and ensures a comfortable and shapely fit. Regular Ray-Ban fit sunglasses have standard ear stem designs, for individuals who are comfortable with the original Ray-Ban style.

Asian Fit: Frame Curvature

The front curvature of the Ray-Ban Asian fit sunglasses is reduced and is less wide in size than the regular fit Ray-Ban style. It is ideal for individuals who are troubled and hampered by their sunglass frames touching their temple and cheeks. The reduced frame curvature ensures a more comfortable sunglass design frame which does not offer discomfort to the user and ideally adjusts according to his or her face shape.

Instead of offering different designs for individuals who find the regular fit uncomfortable, Ray-Ban offers an Asian fit style in almost all its popular sunglass products, for the comfortable and easy use of their product, ensuring easy use and maximum comfort.

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