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Trendiest male sunglasses for winter

by Bella Xiao on January 04, 2019

Sunglasses are not only acceptable to wear during the summer, but should also be worn in winter! “Harmful UVA and UVB rays are still present in winter,” said Ashley Bezamat, who is the founder of Dom Vetro. Therefore, sunglasses should be worn all year round, to protect our eyes from those invisible rays. Below are the most popular sunglasses, for men, of winter.


Timber frames

Wood-like frames are extremely popular this year, along with the wayfarer frame. To keep up with all of these sunglass trends, you should really change your sunglasses every season or at least have a pair for all four. This way you can easily colour coordinate your outfits with both your shades and the current season. These wooded wayfarer frames are perfect for the winter as they help add some texture to your appearance and keep you looking trendy.

Patterned frames

Patterned round frames are a must have for any guy this season. Especially frames which are made from acetate as they are much more durable and will fit better on your face. Patterned frames (especially round ones) will do an excellent job at adding something extra to your outfit with being too dramatic or noticeable. Similar to the texture frames above, patterned frames add a little something to your look that plain sunglasses are unable to do.

Darker lenses

Dark lenses with an aviator frame are becoming one of the most popular sunglass looks for winter. These shades are perfect for those who lovesnowboarding and skiing, but don’t love goggles as much. Dark lenses help to block out any extra rays, a bigger shaped frame helps to stop any wind and polarised lenses with anti-reflective coatings will prevent any skiing or snowboarding accidents from happening.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that sunglasses are only supposed to be worn during summer, when its much warmer, as this is simply not true. Your eyes need just as much protection during the winter as they do during those warmer days. The shades above are perfect solutions for keeping you on trend and safe this winter.