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Shades not only for summer: Polarized sunglasses

by Bella Xiao on January 04, 2019

As the summer draws to a close, most of us put our sunglasses back into their case and place them on a shelf somewhere, where they remain forgotten until the temperature again surpasses 20°C a year later. Ever since I've started working at eyerim, however, this is no longer the case for me - I've learned more about eyewear from the health perspective while working with true sunglasses enthusiasts. Sunglasses are an essential whenever the sun is shining, not just during the summer months. What's even better, though, is when your sunglasses are polarized. Why? Let's talk about that.

Sunglasses are essential, not optional

We've already told you about wearing sunglasses in winter. If you've read that article, you will know that sunlight can prove to be hurtful no matter the temperature and even in cloudy weather! After all, it's not like you stop going outdoors during the fall and winter months. During fall, there's hikingjogging and all the other outdoor sports you neglected in July and August when the temperature rose too high. A round of golf, anyone? Bonding with your friends on a bike trip or taking them sailing? Then once winter finally comes, it's snowsport season and I bet a lot of you enjoy skiing or snowboarding down a picturesque slope in the mountains. And even if you aren't a sports enthusiast at all, at the very least you probably drive a car on a regular basis.

All of these activities can be made easier (and safer for your eyes) with sunglasses. And you know what's even better than sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses? Why?

That's right friends. Polarized sunglasses are a thing, and they take both style and health to a whole new level. Apart from the usual 100% protection from UV rays that all quality sunglasses offer, polarized sunglasses can give you even more. 

The adjective “polarized” comes from the technology called “polarization” that these sunglasses use. All polarized sunglasses have an extra chemical coating around the lenses. This coating was specifically developed to absorb sun rays and reduce the harmful type of light we know as “glare”. Glare is what happens when light gets reflected off surfaces such as roads or water right into your eyes, blinding you or at the very least causing discomfort.

Yes, it's exactly the thing that happens when you're driving and all of a sudden can't trust your own eyes due to sunlight reflecting off the concrete. And if you've ever been sailing or fishing, you know it can get even worse when there's a large body of water all around. 

Yeah, it can really get unpleasant. Thank God there's an easy way to avoid that, right?